Standing in your heart ❤️ 

I read extensively. I am interested in health and food in particular so I have read a broad range of books on diet and through years worth of experimenting on myself I have come up with a way of eating that suits me.

Which is all a diet should be – something that suits the individual and various ways of eating suit various people. 

Mine tends to be different to those around me. Because of where I live, rarely do I get to sit down with people who are passionate about food and share my proclivity for a plant based diet which eschews meat.

I’m also different in the way that I travel, that I ride a motorbike and a host of other things. Things I wouldn’t change because I love then but also things that could make me seem a little odd.

So I’m the different one. Which is fine these days I stand in that space fairly comfortably and can ward off the judgements and opinions that people can’t help themselves from making. 🙄😒🤓🤐

 A humourous rebuff usually goes down a treat but if you don’t have access to an agile wit or a way with words (or cannot be bothered because frankly you are dealing with a moron who doesn’t deserve it ) a simple “piss off” 🖐😎 also seems to do the trick particularly if it is delivered in a languid drawl and just the right amount of eye pressure. 😑😜

Humour aside. Because sometimes it just isn’t funny or your strained and tired – some odd sometimes I’d feel myself bending. I’d feel the inexhorable pull to be the same and there’s been those sometimes in the past where I used to just throw in the towel along with my own better instincts and eat what I knew to be crap.

So I can tell you that doing this has two results (at least).

Firstly you feel like crap because you have just ingested crap. 💩😷

Secondly your integrity takes a hit because you have just denied your own standards and ethics in exchange for someone else’s. 

Just to fit in, which believe me will sound like the miserable cowardly excuse it is when it comes to self interrogation time. You have lost your strong space to stand you see because  you’ve fallen out of your heart.  😲✂️❤️

You’ve turned yourself into the enemy which believe me is far harder to walk away from then a few blustery opinions or rolled eyeballs from the “crowd”.

So you learn – you learn not to do that – the falling out of your own heart thing but it’s tough. Nowadays when I feel the pressure to conform I seek inspiration from others more like me.

Others like me are difficult to find where I live. The internet changes all that and once I discovered the internet and blogs a few years ago it made life easier and a whole lot more interesting.

Seeing others stand in their hearts showed me the way to do it. ❤️💪

Leo Barbita writes from his Blog at Zen Habits this about being different. I find it soothing and inspiring so I’ve left it here so I can find it when I need it. 

Have a lovely day ❤️️ And remember to stay in your heart. It’s the safest place to be. Buckle up and smile 💪❤️️💪😊👌

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