Pieces of eight

There are very few
Chunks of verified
And certified
Pieces of Kate Duff's heart adrift in the world
I have given away lots of words
And care
But the priceless is held close to all I hold dear
Close to my soul
I save them for my family
And just them
But those pieces are huge
And solid
As precious as
Big ass
Diamonds and gems
They cause excruciating pain
As they tear
And rip
Are stripped from their place
Behind my ribs
And are handed out on silver platters
You see
They are leaving
My sons
Moving away
Growing older
Entering the fray
Of life
And it is good
And I tell this to my heart
That would stop them
Perhaps it is an act of self protection
To keep itself whole
Now these large
Beating chunks
Pulsating with love
Are rent
Leaving cavities
And dents
And the rest of my heart
That which is left behind
Is bereft
And racing
On tiny legs
Racing down the road
Behind them
Covered in dust
It collapses to adjust
And sits panting
Full of holes
That ache
And all the while my mouth is talking soothingly
My smile is smiling smoothingly
And how happy I am for them
How exciting it all is
"What can I do to help?"
I ask benignly
As I muffle the internal yelps
Put both hands over my heart
And squeeze
"Be silent"
I whisper
Earnestly intent
Let them go
"They carry pieces of you.
Let them go
It will be fine
It will be fine
This is fine
And other comforting nonsense
That will in the end
Given time

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