The good oil on plant oils 🌱

If you are following me on my new Instagram you will wonder about the natural healing with plant oils posts.

To cut a long topic short. 

I’m doing it – doTerra oils. It’s a thing and it works.  

Since becoming an enthusiast (small brown bottles replacing large Sav Blanc bottles) Inhave read a tonne of natural healing tomes about aromatherapy and plant oils aaand healing.

It works.

It more than works – I am thriving and I put that largely down to the plant oils and combos that I’m using to compliment my healthy lifestyle.

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Today I began with cold sores as they are the one thing that my sons and husband suffer from at least once every six months or so and usually when their systems are run down and they are less than healthy.

The recipes are on Instagram.

Remember to compliment any oils and creams with an uptake and increase of flesh veges and fruit. 

4 thoughts on “The good oil on plant oils 🌱

  1. Interesting! I also like those oils – I use them to make bathbombs. My friend’s mom works for a company where she receives those oils and teaches people how to use them so they can buy them.

  2. Walking out in the sun so much, I have skin cancer always sprouting up from my forearms. Little mutations insistently attempting to emerge. Now, years ago, I got addicted to Greek mythology. It seems Heracles was a great healer, and he discovered the use of “Mountain Oregano.” I heard that it is good for skin issues, on some radio show years ago. I remembered the mythology, that’s how I think, and I ended up Amazoning the Greek Mountain Oregano essential oil. Mixed 1:20 with olive oil, applied topically several times a day, the skin cancer disappears in about 10 days depending on how soon you catch it and how big it is. I told my brother about it, and he swears it healed a scar he had on his face.

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