Follow the Sun

Our minds

When allowed to roam free

Can be terrible beasts

When they turn back on us

Caught in a loop of negative thoughts

It can feel overwhelming

And in such moments we can actually feel our vibration, our energy fading

Being sucked into a spiral descending




How to escape?

Well this gels with another topic that I struggle with from time to time

So I’m going to kill both these mind sucking spirals with one stone

Speaking of which

If you haven’t been living under a rock

You would have heard of the law of attraction

What we think comes to us

When this idea was first floated (or rather marketed – thanks to The bestselling “Secret” books and movies)

(The idea has been around for centuries)

It kind of seemed like magic

But so many people have heard of it now – it has simply become common knowledge and common belief

I believe in the law of attraction the same way I believe in the law of gravity – if you spend enough time on analysing results and outcomes in your life and use self reflection on a daily basis – you will too

The irrefutable proof is self evident

But having all that power and using it properly are two different things

And I think people get stuck all the time or rather they block what they want coming to them and they do it in so many ways

I have been tuning in to Abraham Hicks lately and although I’m certainly no expert on the law of attraction and how to wield its power

I am an expert in how to block it and then suffering the disappointment of not being able to get over myself enough to access the things I desire

Our mind is the key (or rather a whole bunch of them and you have to choose which one and and it seems like it’s a different one every time)

Because the lock is constantly changing too and of course to make things tricky

Our mind is also the lock

You have to use your mind to open the door

And you have to allow the key to open the door

And finding the right key

With the right lock

Is the trick

And I have stood in front of that door shuffling through my keys like a blind person

And still the lock won’t open

So – in the past – I would give up


“this is too hard this law of attraction stuff – I didn’t win the prize home that I put all that energy into or I didn’t get all that money that I needed or any of a half dozen things I tried to manifest”


I was being too specific

And I didn’t actually really believe in those very specific things anyway

Specific doesn’t work

Because I have a very loud inner sceptic

And my inner sceptic

Won’t allow the right key to find the right lock


Because my inner sceptic – is linked to a cynical adult part of me that has suffered too many disappointments in life and out of self protection finds it easier to cut things off before I invest too much time and energy

Yes my inner sceptic is also an accountant – an energy accountant who firmly says

“Nope – too much energy wasted here – I think we need to get back to investing our time and energy in something that actually works”

So it’s a self defeating vicious mind circle

And a lot of people have a similar inner sceptic

They want to believe

But they can’t

So they block this great law of attraction

And either turn it into a negative energy

Or a loop that stops frustratingly short of coming into being

I don’t know how many visualisations I have sent out into the universe both consciously and unconsciously

But it would be a lot

And certainly more than the parcels I have ordered online

Yet although my parcels always turn up – my wishes don’t because my inner sceptic stops them like some crazy mailbox police and sends them back to source

Imagine if that happened with our shopping

How frustrating

And eventually you would just stop buying because hey

Those parcels are never turning up

So what’s the point

So another word for my inner sceptic is of course self doubt

We doubt



All the time

And the more specific the intention

The more specific the doubt

So it becomes an instant killer

I believe I will win this prize home

No you don’t

You’ll never win that – pffffffffff

Parcel stopped – your inner sceptic has won

I believe I will see a million dollars in my bank account by Thursday

Haha bahahah rubbish

Wish granted – inner sceptic right again

And the game goes on and on and on

And it seems hopeless

But the inner sceptic can be beaten

You see

You have to get more general, take a broader path and in this way – go around the sceptic

Then it can’t block you

But as always

Abraham explains it better

Follow the link to the best rampage through the inner sceptic I have ever heard

I literally felt my self doubt running for cover in the face of this verbal assault by Abraham and I now finish off all my journal entries with

I believe …,,

And then write as many generalised but positive affirmations as I can

For example at this moment

I believe

  • In a benevolent universe
  • I believe I am always given what is best for my growth
  • I believe my path is guided and aided by this benevolent universe
  • I believe the planet turns and therefore that sunshine will be forthcoming every day and even when it is not shining – and I can’t see it – the sun is still there
  • Even on rainy days – for it is beyond the clouds or the earth has turned but it is still there
  • I believe that my perspective can sometimes be blocked by my doubts
  • Just like those clouds – like the rotation of the earth
  • But the power of the universe and the law of attraction is beyond those clouds
  • Out there
  • Like the sun
  • I believe that although the sun is not always visible or warm on my shoulder
  • A piece of it lives inside me and is available at all times to warm me
  • I call this piece of the sun my personal source
  • I believe that this small piece of source is just as powerful as the large piece of the sun
  • I believe we all carry these portable packable personal pieces of sunshine
  • And we can all choose to walk in our power and warm ourselves and others
  • Or stand in the rain and become gloomy and dismal
  • And whatever we believe is real
  • Is real
  • So I believe in my sunshine and my inner power and I recharge that power every time I choose to believe and recognise its power
  • And I believe my inner sceptic is just fear and like the clouds is temporary
  • And fear is cast out by my connection to my own inner power
  • And so the sun does shine and I shine too

Which is not all coherent maybe even a little crazy sounding but it is an inner ranting consciousness stream harnessed and turned back on self doubt

And it works

Because (as has been proven) when we think

Whatever we are thinking

The brain goes out to hunt for like thoughts to support the fact you have just presented yourself with

So if we think negative thoughts then the brain goes hunting for proof and more negative thoughts appear

And that can be overwelming

But if you can find just one positive thing you believe

And then send out the brain to find more

Pretty soon you will have a cluster ball of positive thoughts

And thoughts run your emotions and emotions feed back to your thoughts

Change the direction

Change the thought

Change the emotion

And you end up with a positive outcome that raises your energy and raises it

And raises it

Higher and higher

And omg



So that was a lot of talking but it’s a huge topic – I would love to hear any thoughts that you have on this

What tools do you use when you’re stuck in negative thought

Does this happen to you?

Do you find yourself wanting to believe in the law of attraction but then coming across your inner sceptic?

Do you suffer from self doubt? Self sabotage?

I hope you don’t today – I hope you instead find the sun and feel your own piece inside – carry it with you and shine it on all those other people that can’t find their own.

Big love to you. May your inner sun shine bright and warm.

And then I went on to Instagram and found this

Which really spoke to me because I am in the flow – the law of attraction is all around us and we are using it at every moment – so may as well use it consciously and for our good.

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