The Excavation

When we justify this

And we justify that

And we bend ourselves into things that the world doesn’t understand

Can’t comprehend

because the

world itself is broken


its broken beings can only view each other

through millions of cracked lenses

Filters themselves filtered



They lose

Their strength

And dignity

By trying to justify

How a river twists and bends


Rivers aren’t like that

Rivers don’t justify

So don’t you try


Let people take whatever they need

From your stories

Whatever they feel

it means to them




Bend and curve



On your own terms

When and as you want


because someone said you should

Or shouldn’t

Please clarify your intent

What you meant

(Which really means

Say this instead)

And isn’t that a long piece of string

To begin hanging yourself with


To “Justify”

In typing on a page

Means to keep everything neat and tidy

Equal and square

Well you’re not

You are human dear

Living a human experience

And people will read you however they want

Some will crumple you’re words

Throw them into a bin

Others will sit with them

Until they really sink in

Then cling to them like a good friend

And feel understood

Perhaps for the first time in their life

Even though you’ve never met him

Or her

And probably never will


You can’t try

To justify

What comes from within

Just write on baby

Write on

And when they read it and mutter


It doesn’t matter

What anyone else thinks

Breathe and pause


Begin again to dig

Dumping the soil on the ground beside you

Classic case of internal dialogue – an old poem from when I first opened the blog and stupidly told some people what I was doing. It’s alright to be read by strangers but when you have just posted a deeper post and then run into someone at the shop – that’s hard. Or it was. Used to be. This poems time has come to find its way into the world because now I really do agree.

Header image – the national park adjacent to Smiths Beach WA 2018 trip – a gorgeous part of the world.

17 thoughts on “The Excavation

  1. I especially love this part…

    “Some will crumple you’re words
    Throw them into a bin
    Others will sit with them
    Until they really sink in”

    This is all so true…. wonderful writing! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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