When you can’t sleep

It’s 11.00pm

My mind is like a beast that won’t be soothed

It wants to worry about things

over which it has no control

And over

And over

It is ignorant

Like an animal

That paces futilely in a pen

Again it checks it’s boundaries

And again


And roars

I sing a lullaby softly through the bars

I speak of things like

“This too shall pass”

And it does

Until another thought comes along

Now it is worry

The beast is curled in a ball



Scared of it all

Out there


I go to it


Try to calm the pain that it feels



Softly shifting

The fear

It works for a moment

The breathing flattens out


I think I have won

But no

It is off again

Moving about

Onto something new to think about

And I lie here exhausted

When will it let me sleep?

I can’t keep

Up this talking

Trying to sooth it

It’s madness

I’m sure

To keep trying to counter a problem with this solution

That just won’t stick

Then it hits me

Stop talking to it

Let it carry on like some neighbours party

Call the police

Let them deal with it

No control

You have no control

Let it slip

Go to sleep

So I did

And I am

Goodnight blog land

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