Hopeful fools

Crickets in the grass

Calling to the

Pale gekko as he crosses the glass

Runs around the wall towards them

A car whines along the highway

It means the breeze is in the north

When I can hear them

I sit here quietly

Waiting for rain

There aren’t any moths

To rush around the light

The air is still

The stars are bright

But out on the horizon

As the sun set tonight

A long bank of cloud stretched


But it gave me hope


There are no tell tale signs

That I learned from my Dad

The Plovers are quiet

And no wet ring to be had

Around the moon

The weather reporter on the news

Had none that was hopeful

The air is so dry even the floor board gaps gape wider

Like mouths searching for a droplet

Of moisture

Yet I’m hopeful

And you ask me why?

Because as I closed the door on my way inside

I saw

One green frog

And he looked at me

Black eyes so wet

I thought he was crying

And I haven’t seen green frogs around

For a long long time


I’m sitting here

Listening to the wind

As it makes the curtains flap

The tin roof sigh 

Hoping it will rain

This little frog and I

We’re just hopeful characters I guess

But then again

we may just be foolish too

But I prefer hopeful.. goodnight pray for wet soil tomorrow. If not – well it’s another day closer.

Header photo: my son earlier this year – leaning on the gate looking down the paddock

11 thoughts on “Hopeful fools

  1. 1. I hope you get the rain that you need soon.
    2. I like sunsets/ sunrises, because they fill be with hope.
    3. Yes, hope is the mother of fools, but I do not mind that label sometimes.
    4. I really liked this poem. Well done on incorporating all these elements into the same world of yours.

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  2. There is absolutely nothing — NOTHING — wrong with having hope. Hold on to it like a lifeline. Then you’ll find that the rain will come. For me, I see the moon and the night sky as hope. There’s so much history I’m seeing play out above me, and somehow I know, even when I feel defeated, that everything will be alright. 😊

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  3. I do wish I could comment on your most recent post. But as you’ve no doubt disabled that feature for a reason, I’ll leave you with this, it’s been a pleasure talking to you over this counter and I’m very interested to l in these little doo hickeys. 😊

    Liked by 2 people

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