The golden moment

My mind

Like a Fibonacci spiral

Unravelling before me

This path I walk

Around and around

Winding tighter

Each poem a replica

Of the same process

That aha moment

As I reach the end

And then I begin



It begins with a poem – my poetry is my process – it unwinds and I don’t know where it is going

My best poetry doesn’t begin in the mind though

It is somewhere unreachable to the mind

And if I want to be teachable

I must let go

Let the poem write itself

It doesn’t belong to me

That consciousness stream

It belongs to everyone

It just comes through me

And the lessons I have done

Allow me to connect the dots

But it pretty much writes itself

And I get to the end

And say


And I am surprised, delighted.

Then, if my mind is loose enough

And I have done enough picking at the seams

It will unravel again

That consciousness stream

Like a head full of curls

Plucking a shaft


Pulling it all out



And then

Begin again

On a greater scale I believe our lives mirror the same spiral

Sometimes we think we are returning to where we were before but really we are a bit further over – shifting slightly each time as we curl around learning lessons, growing.

I’m liking the theory, enjoying mulling on it and I do love a good mull.

It is a softer damp morning and so beautiful, everything in nature has taken a sip of water. We need more, and I want to stop myself from saying that. More. A the tree roots run deep and are so very patient – I can try to be too – I’m certainly grateful.

It’s morning here and I’m off to take my dogs for a walk and they will run through the mud and jump and leap and we will all be filthy and smiling. Blessings for another day on this wonderful earth ❤️❤️


11 thoughts on “The golden moment

  1. Perfectly described! I can never put it into words, the way it happens always escapes me. And I think you’re right, our lives do seem to “mirror the same spiral.” Such a thought provoking post. You always do that to me. Thank you for always making me think. 😉

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