Time Leakage

It’s a precious commodity

And it leaks

And leaks

And the days speed up and the nights as well

But what are we achieving?

So much endless weeding

And not seeing the results

Because the sewing takes time too

And there are so many weeds and they grow over night

To do

To do

To do

Is so much longer than

Done ✅

But I found a secret

5,4,3,2,1 okay you’ve heard that one 👈

But I have another

This morning I panicked because I have three projects on the go now – one with another artist – my illustrator for a children’s book series I’m doing

And I can’t let him down

And I can’t let myself down either

And between all of this

I still have to eat

And kiss my husband

And I have the same workload as I did before – just no gaps in between


There isn’t enough time

Or so I thought

And I slept in this morning till 5am instead of getting up at 3.30 so my post didn’t get out and more importantly neither did my meditation and yoga and blissful early morning thinking and writing time


I did up a chart similar to the one in “kicking your own donkey” post to the link is back there 👆not doing it twice

And maybe you guys don’t need this but I did

Because 5,4,3,2,1 has set off a cascade of achieving in my life that I can’t pull up

So I did a time budget

And it turns out

If I get up at 3.30am and go to sleep at 10pm then I have 18 1/2 hours day of living

Which I have then broken down into things I have to do and it turns out I will have roughly 8 hours writing

Which is a big relief

Because with all the learning curves I’m on right now with software and seo and hashtags and important words (that are not words I find important btw) and search terms and best indie publishing practices and all the rest

I needed time – now I have it

Will I burn out? No! I have more energy than I ever had because I am doing what I love – besides that there is time for exercise time for yoga time for meditation and time for an afternoon nap all factored in – there is balance.

And that is the one thing I struggle to find

Thoughts? How do you accomplish what is important to you while fitting in all the things that are important to others?

Also I changed my profile pic – good or bad? Selfies always feel ridiculous to me so I struggle. The new one was one Steve took of me at the beach reading and I rather liked the informality.

Back to poetry tonight

18 thoughts on “Time Leakage

  1. I love the way you try and make time for everything. I’ve lost control of the time I have. I’m wasting it too often and need to wrangle it all back in. I seem to have lost my determination in recent days. I’m all out of whack. My spiritual, emotional, and physical self, it’s all out of order…. I don’t know how to meditate, but I feel like I should learn. I’ve done yoga in the past a little bit on my own. I enjoyed that immensely. Think I need more of it.

    • I do yoga on my own – it’s my daily practice and I’m studying to be a teacher (though that is on the back burner at the moment) I don’t go to classes because I lose myself around other people – I’m very absorbent and easily distracted – at home though by myself in the quiet it is like a slowing down and unfurling. It is amazing for body and mind – you can just follow an online instructor or buy a dvd. My sister follows a DVD and she loves it – I can get the name of you want. I drew up a plan this morning that had columns for all the things I have to cover and how much time I can efficiently spend doing it. Amazing how much time wasting I used to do – it is truly embarrassing but better late then never.

  2. The pic is great!
    I’ve been in a wrestling match with time for what feels like an eternity. I’m being forced to slow down via my health shitting the bed. Part of me is thankful for the wake up call and seeing how I’d made EVERYTHING an urgent matter and part of me is just plain pissed off for the inconvenience. Right now I’m not getting things done, and, drumroll please, I’m finding out it’s ok………the world didn’t stop spinning…..my anxiety is continuously trying to convince me otherwise……..

    • I’m the opposite – I have been squandering time like a fool for a long time because I didn’t have a vision of where I was going – now that the vision has kicked in I know where I am going with my book series and just want to take gigantic chunks out of each day – getting there though – oh and I’ve learnt to juggle really well – drop the ball kick it under the fridge and move on 😂

  3. You certainly have energy, waking up at 5 a.m and thinking is late….. your nuts! You wake up normally a 3:30 a.m and do yoga, jeeeeesus. At that time if they woke me up to do yoga I´d fall asleep in some weird yoga stance.
    Nice read this, always good to hear from people with vitality instead of constant sorrows for themselves.

    • Ha! If I don’t get up early the day gets away and I have lost those early hours – as for being nuts – well sanity is so subjective 😂 and you’ll get a crink in your neck or some place worse if you fall asleep during yoga 😂😂

      • I tried yoga once, on of my ex girlfriend dragged me to it. In my younger days this is, so I stayed for more sessions since it was full of good looking women. As you can imagine those postures and stretching is not my thing, so the pain I had to suffer just to hook up with girls…. You women should have thank me in my younger years. No wonder my ex left me 😉
        I’m still a flirt, maybe it never will go away, I wrote that in a post that I suffer from OCF (Obsessive Compulsive Flirt), but no malice and I’m quite funny. Just throwing roses at myself since if not me who will?
        Have a great day, got to run now.

  4. My brain started hurting just reading about getting up at 3:30 a.m. I actually prefer to read than write. I never impose dead lines but just go with how I feel that day. Very lazy of me I know….but heh.

    • Ha not lazy at all Len and it’s only lately that I get up quite this – I need lots of time to write – and read and think – if I don’t get up early I don’t get my dreaming space and my processes turn to crap.

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