The Poetry of Painful Things

People ask why

We turn our words to describing painful things


Gives grief wings

It paints feathers over fragile skeletons

It stops our bones crumbling

And trails ink tattoos over scars

It takes what is black

And sprinkles it with stars

Coal into diamonds



We crawl out from beneath what shattered us

And write our way to the surface

It is the arm that halts our fall

And delivers us

With hearts beating

To the edge

Again and again

Bracing us with an outflung hand

Showing us

Where we begin

And end

And the true wisdom that lies behind all suffering


It waits for us to go right through

It waits

Like sunshine follows rain

And blue skies follow grey

It waits


Behind the pain

27 thoughts on “The Poetry of Painful Things

  1. So beautifully put. I think this is why I am able to breathe a sigh of relief when I go to bed each night. There is such freedom to be found after spilling words out on a page and letting the weight of such words go. Just like you said, we’re able to crawl out from beneath what shattered us. It’s the best therapy I know of.

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