The Artistry of Us

The road we take is our own

Some might walk beside us

For a time

Perhaps their whole life

But our road

Is our personal pilgrimage home

And we can run


At times, barely crawl

It is all

Part of our journey

Part of the artistry of us

You may feel

At times

You have lost your way

Stumbled onto the wrong route

Changed direction

Got it figured out

And then it all collapses




Know too

This is part of your journey

Your destination cannot miss you

It waits

A home you can sense

Perhaps even taste

It waits

You cannot miss it

Keep the faith

Keep believing

Keep walking

Keep achieving

And find your way home

This video should work – if not you can click on this link to go to the Utube Channel.

I’m uploading all the voetry pieces to the Utube channel so subscribe if you like 😊

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