Look at the Sky

To write away the lesions

The striations of the mind

To scroll

In the pauses

Take a breath


The browser




Let it go

Let it be

Inhale the dusty breeze instead

Put down the device

That is holding your hand

Leeching blood from your head

Set free

Walk instead

barefoot in the grass

And stare into the enormity

Of a relentlessly blue sky

What is for you cannot miss you

As the white tail

Trailing a jet alludes

I am


It falls

Like a cape

Draped over hunched shoulders


Yeh write

But also

Look at the sky

Since I reopened the blog a month ago and published my book, began working on a children’s series and different ways in which poetry could be conveyed, I have spent so much time in front of my computer or typing on my phone that my body has literally changed shape and lost fitness.

Time to restore a bit of balance.

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