The Ups and Downs

I’m a little late this morning

I’ve just come back from a run

Rebalancing my life again after a month plunged into the creative world

It’s been awesome and inspiring but I am reminded

That breathing in requires breathing out

And at some point the party has to stop

No more toast

No more non alcoholic beer – much as I love to stand watering dry trees and sipping on ice cold drinks that taste of summer

They carry the same calorie content as real beer


The sensible one has returned with her check list broadly casting red lines through the fun stuff

No more dried beans – yes I know they are beans but they’re covered in fat and salt – that’s why they taste so good


And the last two days I have returned to running and swimming

The first day hurt like the devil

Yesterday I swam laps working out kinks in my shoulders put there from long hours typing

Felt so good and the water was fresh and real

The virtual world of made up characters is enjoyable – but it lacks the sensory experience of reality

And this mornings run I remembered my oils. Marjoram peppermint and Kunzea on the legs and hips – frankincense and Patchouli in my hands to inhale and deepen my breathing quiet the mind

What a difference the company of oils make

Oils and the northerly breeze

It’s soft damp and strong

It holds me like a hawk hovering

And when I turn a corner and away from it

I feel I have been dropped out of heaven

I wrote haiku to the northerly this morning as I ran

Bad haiku in so much as no matter how I tried I could not contain my words to the 5,7,5 syllable count required

An undisciplined poet then

Not surprising

I also thought everything over

Turning it like pebbles held in the bucket of my mind

Now and then a deep breath would allow one to dissipate into the wind

Finally I had no pebbles left

And 7km done

I’m back to my usual morning run

A big loop consisting of stock route and wildlife and birds and broad sky

And it feels so very good

I run in Vibram 5 toes – an oddity in the small town that I live but it works for me

The slip of paper above refers to my lessons

Our medicine often does come in bitter pills that we must swallow

My oft repeated mistakes that life then levels up for me

Gives me some medicine or in this case actually

My husband some medicine

He isn’t enjoying it

But in the end

Falls are good for us

We fear them so much

The falling

But the rising – that is what comes next

And what goes up must come down and then

It goes up again

So if you’re down

At least you have the rising to look forward to

And if you’re up

Be careful – strap a parachute on and try to land on your feet

Landing on ones posterior hurts

Why can’t it be a steady even line?

No ups no downs just steady and straight

Well it will be at some stage

The heart rate monitor will one day go __________

nobody wants that

Just go with the ups and downs and parachutes

And padded pants

And if I’m not making much sense

I blame endorphins and the euphoria

Of a northerly wind

I’ll make sense again tomorrow

Till then


12 thoughts on “The Ups and Downs

  1. Patchouli? Old hippie oil. 🤪 Balance is everything, especially in early days. If it were me, I’d write when you are at your best. Doesn’t matter what time of day. As long as it suits you. Stephen King says no more than four hours a day. Not being a writer, I can only guess if that’s enough time.

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  2. An amazing piece. In fact I find your blogs to be source of inspiration. Pardon the indulgence: you’ thoughts are in the here and now but echo far beyond in the chamber of the reader’s soul. Needless to say the presence of poetic rumination (for lack of better turn of phrase) cannot be denied. Thanks for all the Likes :.

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    • You can aim for the middle path and balance and it is of course the ideal but life is not about ideals it is about reality and unless you meditate in a cave or a highly evolved being life is going to push you through lessons until you become one (a highly evolved being) the upswing or down swing is not the point – the point is to learn from everything and try to grow into a wider person.


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