You are not a rope

There are certain


In certain situations

When pressure is applied

And mirrors are held up

That trigger us

Your job is to not let that happen

Your job is to cleave to what makes you healthy

Keeps you thriving

This is not selfish

Sometimes it is just surviving

To protect your physical and mental wellbeing

To protect who and what you are

Your job is to fight

Cover yourself in white light

And keep your distance

Protect your edges

It is not your job to save other people

Or clamber out on ledges


Or sometimes very quickly

That sort of behaviour leads to falls

It is not your job to save other people

You will get sucked under by their need

Their greed

Energy sapped like leached calcium from your bones


You cannot save other people

Your job is to protect yourself

Stay strong

And eventually they will pull themselves together by your example

Or not

You are a lighthouse

Not a rope

Not a float

Your first responsibility is to yourself

Look to that

Hold on to that

And let people do what ever they have to do

I repeat

This is not selfish

This is not selfish

This is not selfish

This is not selfish

This is not selfish

And yes

No matter how many times I tell myself this

It is still a long lonely walk to the top of the tower

To sit in a room with a revolving light

Fold up tight

And wait for life

To sort itself out

20 thoughts on “You are not a rope

  1. Hmm I’ve been tossed a rope, have also tossed a rope. If I rescue 5 out of 10 it was worth the toss and gave purpose to my life. Yes, we must take care of ourselves, however if I see a storm one much turn the light on in the house

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  2. I´m just a weirdo so the exception to your rule (great positive well written poem), I go from 0-100, be it a dummy but a hot one at that I should enfizese (there is no proffread, and If I wrote that last word wrong you just say it was great) and…forgot what else. I just know this about me, either I get serious and see reality and then do the job with all I have or I just go to bed. So that sentence would be a reverse, from 100-0. Then I can adapt.
    Love ya English woman……. Australian you said, have a great weekend. And would you please buy 50000000 copies of my great book, jeeeeesus…

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