Fast Fashion

Here’s the clip ☝️

Here’s the written words 👇

What large holes

We fill

With the things we don’t need

Sometimes it takes excavators

Half a week

Just to fill those damn holes


And we buy some more temporary promises

To stop the thoughts

And make the aches go away

String them together

In pretty shopping bags

And delicate tissue paper

Bring them home

Hang them on hangers

And place them about those

Objects de art

Rub our hearts absently

Instead of listening to what they are talking about

And when the pain builds again

We take a little more retail therapy

Off the shelf

Swipe a card

And help ourselves

And while we are filling our holes

The land fill is full

And all that pollution




Out there in the hills

And piles

Of human waste


Stuffing up the planet

In holes of inaction

But the healing process is gaining traction

And soon fast fashion

Will die the way of the dinosaur

To big

To devour

Enough food to keep itself alive

And here is the solution:

Or perhaps one of them

The stylebook app – a little bit of work to get it up and running but if you want to break the habit of shopping it offers a fun and creative solution

And you’ll realise just how many clothes and combinations of clothes you have in your wardrobe


You can see how many times you have worn something

Establish the cost per wear per item

And pack with ease

I used it every day for the first few months

I don’t so much now

But my shopping habit – what I had of one is gone, gone, gone

What do you think? Do you shop much or ever worry over the environmental disaster that the fashion industry has become?

23 thoughts on “Fast Fashion

  1. I became a minimalist after my divorce. 20 years of owning homes and things left me sick inside. I walked away from everything including my ex-husbands finances, which has proven a hardship as I was a stay at home mama. The only thing left from that life is a relationship with my 4 children. I moved across the country with what little I owned in the back of my truck. 3 years later I have rented 4 fully furnished properties and acquired a lovely partner (who is also a minimalist) along the way. I clean homes and help others take care of their endless things without judgment for I was once in their shoes. I also work 10 hours a week at a clothing consignment store and share a closet with my boyfriend. I feel free from the tyranny of things but struggle with a host of other maladies and have such a long road ahead of me……….as we all do 🙂

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    • Oh Mare I have so many things from a long life of collecting and although i have minimalist sentiments now I can’t just throw things away.

      If it all burnt down tomorrow though I wouldn’t replace even a tiny slice of what I have now.

      I’m grateful for what I have but at the same time even my fairly modest possessions can be a bit overwhelming. My Mum used to say “our possessions become a burden” and she was spot on.

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      • I understand, boy do I understand. There are times I’d like to go to IL and break into my ex’s home just to rummage through the Christmas decorations, the many photo albums and bins of my children’s things. I have a strong aversion to prison. So I am grateful for my detailed memories and the knowledge my children’s rich history is safe in his house 🙂 Your Mum was wise, as are you

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      • Mum was wide but I think sometimes we have to go through the dumb phase to learn anything – luckily I was so dumb that I was able to learn some valuable lessons hahaha – also couldn’t you just take photos of the photos – anyway to do that – what a shitefull situation!

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  2. So well said! I’m not a big shopper. I care for my clothes and other stuff. When it comes to my wardrobe, I enjoy finding creative ways to put together pieces and jazzing them up with scarves. I also refuse to be dictated to by the fashionistas about what colors to wear for each season.

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    • I think people who dress from their wardrobes season after season have a completely different look about them to those that just shop and pull something together. Tasteful clothes put together in unique ways have depth and a well crafted palette that comes from not following seasonal trends. I still buy a few pieces now and then but they match what I have now rather than standing alone. I’ve seen a few documentaries on the environmental cost of fashion items like denim are appalling.

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  3. I once had and now don’t, sold, donated, given away. I hate shopping and as far as fashion? I buy the timeless classics and love resale shops. I guess I’m a bit of boho chic 😁. However I have known what I call depressed shoppers, it makes them feel better, till the CC bill comes. It’s quite sad to watch.

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