Cynicism and Judgement – Stepping Stones

Being out in the world is bumpy

Lot of highs and lows

And that is just scrolling through social media

From the comfort of home

People are moody and caught up in storms

They’re not always kind

But let’s face it

Though I try

Really hard

Sometimes I’m not either

So it’s rough out there

On the ether

In my heads not too pretty either


Don’t get me started on twitter cynics

Who forget where they began

Best left alone if you know what I mean


When you’re feeling fragile

Stop it Kate!

God I hate moaning – the sound of my own hurts the worst


Trials are great

Earthly world or virtual

People not being nice

Is good

People not being kind

Is real

And even though it hurts

It also builds


I get it

It’s difficult enough to step over our own egos

Poke a nose out the door

Without having to begin then climbing over the top of other peoples opinions, judgements and nasty comments

But remember

Climbing is climbing so may as well use all that fodder

To walk on, rise higher

Keep a smile on your face

You’re out there like Dora the Explorer

With your little pink backpack full of dreams that you don’t want to leak out

And spill everywhere

And there are levels

And maps

And hacks

That you have to work out

The self market sell should be a board game because everyone else seems to know the rules

Leaving others looking like fools


Keep your shit together

Tighten up those straps Dora

And keep your backpack of dreams nice and close

Keep walking and yet also Dora the Explorer you’ve got to go

A little chirpy girl in a backpack is not helpful as an avatar right now

I think I prefer

Yep – can’t fire a shot in a straight line (two low gun trophies to prove this)

But you don’t have to shoot to look tough and gather a bit of bravado

Fake it till you make it because when I feel very doubtful I recall Charles Bukowski

If I wasn’t intelligent then I wouldn’t have a mass of doubts – nearly every day about my writing, about my poetry about all sorts of things.

And I prefer it – the intelligence – to the stupidity. It keeps me sharp, it makes me edit like a demon and it makes me learn from every mistake because I’m determined not to make it again.

So for all you people that doubt or may have had a rough day/night of overthinking – remember Yoda – (pulling out all the gifs and quotes today)

Be brave. Try. Keep trying. And remember we rise by lifting others – always. So this is my hand up to the self doubters today.

In whatever you are trying to do

Keep trying and ignore cynics and fools

And I was only joking about the gun – never carry a weapon into the battle – a gun can always be used against you

But a wise person will never have their words turned back on themselves

Because eventually they learn to be silent

One day

One day


PS – also this isn’t about the blog – I love the blog, my followers and the support I receive here is phenomenal – it’s just those real world, other world (social media etc) and I’m fine – but I had a valuable lesson of learning/insight this morning about spinning something around and using it instead of letting it get to me – I found it so useful I though I would write a blog about it because that is what successful people do – they take lemons – repurpose, rebrand and up sell them as cleaning products and vitamins – that’s all. 😘

13 thoughts on “Cynicism and Judgement – Stepping Stones

  1. Good stuff Kate 🙂 So glad you were able to find a perspective that brought peace. Writing sure has a way of calming the turmoil.
    I take my lemons and find someone with a bottle of vodka, or on my not so nice days I see if Jase has a paper cut 😉

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