Quick – Yoga – Now!

Taken hounds for a walk

They covered me in mud and dog hair

Blessings from the dog world and symbols of unconditional love

Mess to those who don’t love dogs


How good is yoga?

I forget

Every single time

I walk around my mat some days

Even though it is right there

Beside my writing desk

I have my own chill out room

I took over the boys rumpus room when they moved out

Actually as each of them moved out I took over their room turned it into something else – I think I was torn

Each left a gaping hole

I filled their rooms with other things trying desperately to fill the void they left within

All very dramatic

Gradually the pain eased and their rooms have resumed their function

Beds neatly made – disturbing – when their rooms used to be so much untidier

Anyway – how good is yoga?

The body holds our emotions like a container

It becomes so full of crap

Yoga tips it out

It pumps all the stress out

Through the movements

It draws out toxins and strengthens muscles

And broadens airways and veins


Then there is meditation

Only to be done after yoga

And suddenly the world is clearer

The head that was full of mud


And runs clear again

I have been doing yoga for so long I no longer have to think deeply about the how what when

I flow – vinyasa style with a great playlist from Apple – it is the Indie Yoga Flow is anyone wants to try it

And I just go wherever the body wants to take me

Wonderful stuff

Anyway I don’t want to fluff up my brainwaves again with over thinking

But thought you may want to head to the mat

Or if not – or you don’t know what to do with yoga

Or where to begin

Sit – breathe – come into your body and then with your arms out to the side bring them up into a circle – feel the air and space between your arms all the way down the inside of that skin.

Now stretch all the way up feeling your palms, feeling the stretch along your torso – now bend left – again noticing everything that you feel – imagine a moon how it makes the arc – other side – again the moon the physical sensations in your body. Breathe in and drop as far forward as you can – breathe out. Keep breathing and feeling and swaying and moving.

In feeling deeply into the body and releasing breath – breathing into tight places. That’s yoga

Yoking mind and breath and body in order to notice and be where you are.

There’s other stuff too but just for this morning dance in your body and let your breath shuffle through the blood sorting out the toxins.

You’ll feel better.

Do it every day.

If anyone wants some simple flows in pictures and words let me know and I will do a post.

I’m a yoga teacher in training but I am mostly a student of life and my teaching will only ever be a “learn with me” sort of thing rather than a “this is what you do” because I believe everyone has their own inner guidance system and only need a few pointers to find it.

So people finally –


This is a variation on the classic Namaste or “My soul sees your soul” “the light in me sees the light in you”

In which is overused unfortunately

So that too but also

Sattvaste “my demons see your demons” I get it. We all have dark and light.

And your demons will be soothed after yoga – mine always are. Also I made that up though sattva does mean demon among other very relative terms in sandskrit – see dictionary below.

I like it because it feels real – sometimes I do feel all loved up and in touch with everything “good” in the world after yoga

Sometimes I am content that my demons have finally relaxed – and that’s the best I’m going to get for the moment

So content I am (Thankyou Yoda)

Both the dark and the light in me salutes the dark and light in you

Sattvaste / namaste folk and have a lovely day

14 thoughts on “Quick – Yoga – Now!

  1. Wow it’s brilliant that you are a teacher in training. Yoga is something I found last year and haven’t looked back. Especially at times like these when 90 minutes of yin has left me feeling aligned, relaxed, renewed and refreshed. Couldn’t agree more with everything you say 🧘‍♀️😊

    • Oh it’s a beautiful thing – an art a science, medicine a drug and an antidote all rolled into this daily choice that we make to come to the mat – come to ourselves – come to alignment with a higher consciousness. Sometimes I don’t make that choice for whatever reason and it always ends badly.

  2. I was wondering what happened to 2018? Your blog chronology skips from 2017 to 2019. I have suffered certain “side effects” from intense yoga practice. For example, I no longer can listen to any music I like, because it cycles endlessly in my mind. I don’t even want to go in stores where music is playing. And Christmas time……it’s torture!

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