I read a book yesterday

One of the kind that fell into my lap

Well in the modern era – and being in a rural area – I actually downloaded it but on the advice of a friend

A friend I could have kissed several times during the couple of hours it took me to read it

I’m a fast reader and it was a good book

If as a writer or as a reader you have ever wondered – why? Why would I write about this – why read another book about mindfulness, gratitude, empathy? Because you think it’s all been done


Because there are millions of humans and we all have stories

The way that Hugh told these stories and got his points home – things that Oprah (everyone) has been banging on about for years

This made me do it – actually carry out the exercises

It made me take up my pen last night (after a day of writing) and write down 3 things I was grateful for (deeply grateful for yesterday) meditate for 10 minutes and write down what I could hear and smell and any insights I had and then think with empathy of someone that I knew and reach out to them.

So I texted – can’t be doing conversations at 8.30 at night – and asked an older friend how she was doing after her knee operation. Turns out not so well. So I’m off to see her today.

This book has the potential to change your life – Hugh speaks to schools, elite sporting clubs – many many people. I could blather on all day.

His words have saved peoples lives when they were on the point of suicide

How is it we have so much in the western world yet people are desperately sad and leaving it before their time?

Why is mental illness the epidemic it has become when the biggest concern should be whether someone takes sugar in the tea we are making them or not

Perhaps it’s because nobody is making cups of tea for their friends anymore

Anyway Hugh says it better

Please read it.

Right so that is my impulsive book review – but it is important. So do it. Which is why a I don’t normally do book reviews – I would have people read so many books – I read many many good books

But did I tell you – this one is the best? I did. Right I will not mention it again.

Well I might just drop this a Utube video in here

Okay that’s where Hugh talks about his school program for kids. On the morning show. I haven’t watched it but I know not everyone likes to read and they can bang on about the book a bit more and you can meet Hugh


Now on to other things. Well actually that’s it for this morning – I spent a day writing and reading yesterday and it’s all I’ve got at the moment. My head woke up aching so I’m taking my dogs for a walk and doing some yoga.

Writing is hell on the body.

Also yes – I changed my gravatar photo – a couple of people have noticed. I’m still trying to find one that matches my personality and haven’t found one yet – that one looks like her name is Cassy and she might do a side of stripping – which I don’t.

Not that I’ve got anything against strippers it’s just with my timing and lack of assets the whole thing would be a car wreck then again some people like to go and stickybeak at that sort of thing so…

Maybe there is money to be had


No – so, still looking me not you – I’m still looking for a photo

Do we ever know who we are though? I don’t and can never find the outer that matches up with my inner either as one is always ahead of the other (and the leader changes)

As my husband says – if he doesn’t like who I am today he just waits – another me will come along shortly. Where are the lemons Mare?

Probably true 😂 and can certainly be said of this blog – if you don’t like the post today – just wait awhile – one will come along you like better

And it could be anything

The closest I come to who I am is when I meditate and breathe and then I don’t want to take a jolly selfie because nothing matters so..

Did I tell you Hugh talks about meditation in that book

I did

Alright – let’s wrap this one up it is beginning to ramble

Have a great day – night (the time zone thing throws me) see you a bit later.

9 thoughts on “Resilience

    • No – we change – all the time – if we are lucky – we keep growing towards something that we’re not even sure of – but like sunflowers follow the sun – we are drawn to go there. It we’re lucky. Then there are those people who remain stuck – stuck in the circumstances they find themselves in because they haven’t got the knowledge to find their way around it – around themselves. Life is an ineffable journey for everyone – try and capture it in a eulogy – it doesn’t work. Because nobody knows the truest depths of another human – even those that consider themselves close.

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