Before the sun – I slept on, blissfully unaware of who I was to become

(Voetry above click play – image woman asleep)


Eyes closed

Descended deep

Suspended in time

A foetus

Sustained by the

Amniotic fluid

Of the universal womb



To a steady tick

Everything receded

Into a tiny corner of the mind

Face numb

Tongue still

Ears deaf

Fingertips unaware

Of either reach or stretch

A corpse reposed

Except for breath

Early morning sounds

In the distance

Birds calling up the sun

Mind churning to life


The wearer of a face

Part of the human race

Barely a trace of sleep remains

As I stare at the ceiling


In wonder

How deep

The world runs

When connected

To the umbilical cord

Of the earth

For a moment

Anything was possible


Only that which I think

Will I ever become

When before the sun

I could have been anyone


It’s a nice reminder

Don’t you think?

Who were you before you were born?

Before you woke up?

Before the dawn?

We can become


10 thoughts on “Before the sun – I slept on, blissfully unaware of who I was to become

    • Yessss I know what you mean Mare – we are so many versions like one of those books where you can get to pick an ending – and as we grow into each evolution we think differently and grow from a new space of thinking. It’s interesting and so absorbing it’s only when you look back and think – huh improvements have been made 😊 hopefully

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  1. “A doll’s mask is mine, cold China to the blind one’s real to childlike minds…..My Love is open, like a Poppy’s full blossom, Black Orchid Lover, velvet strips on cool petals, enclosing Pollen.” A poem I remember from 55 years ago, Author, unremembered….Keep Poeting…..

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