Don’t let your heart fall into the habit of being mean

Christmas can be difficult

Not everyone gets along

Chasms of misunderstanding

Leak toxins all year long

But there is something about choosing presents

For someone with whom

you may not see eye to eye

That softens the heartstrings

As you think what they might like

And wrap

Attach card

Wait while they open

Eyes meet

It’s perfect

And for just a moment

All else disappears

That’s why it is very important

Not to let our hearts fall into the habit

Of being mean

21 thoughts on “Don’t let your heart fall into the habit of being mean

  1. My Aunty Lena tried to jump from Westminster Bridge one Christmas. As a child, she always used to reveal what she’d bought me before I’d unwrapped the gift. However, despite this, I didn’t let my heart be mean that day and wished that my grandad hadn’t stopped her 🙂

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  2. That is exactly why I get drunk as a skunk to my family christmas parties, I don’t remember anything during the party I forget about what present is to whom and the next day I shut my phone off and turn up the next year the same.

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  3. All I had were my Ladys 4 children, & their Children, so every Christ-Mass I would make out cards & enclose $100.00 for each grandchild, this way they could purchase whatever they desired for themselves, instead of me buying and wrapping c–p that would wind up in the dump soon after, it worked fine for 18 + Years, so simple…..Now I try to encourage people to give a $ gift to their favorite charity in their children’s name, so they can learn the blessing’s of giving, rather that receiving…..The card says,”Today a gift was made in YOUR NAME, to a family that did not have enough food to eat, today they have a healthy meal, because of YOU!…..

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