Waiting for permission…

The freedom to be whatever we want

It’s frightening

It is truly not our darkness which we fear

But our light

What if we don’t get it right?

So we



Withdraw from the floor

Do something which isn’t quite right

Possibly boring

Life draining

While we



Waiting for someone’s permission

To get on with our life

Parked stationary on the sidelines

Looking for a sign

It’s okay

My turn now?

Not yet


Being polite


What for?

There is enough for everyone

And everyone should have a go

Should do what sets them alight

Makes them glow

No matter what that “thing” is

It should be done

And although maybe anyone can do it

No one will do it quite like you


If you suffer the same fate

Are standing there waiting for permission

Please don’t wait

Any longer

Just go!

*Just go!

And take it from me – someone who isn’t sure what I am doing except following what lights me up and makes me happy – it is the best ride of your life. Get on it – surfs up – ride!


You’re wasting precious time 😊

4 thoughts on “Waiting for permission…

  1. Reminds me of the Marianne Williamson quote, more like paragraph, I actually re-read it yesterday “Your playing small does not serve the world” etc. etc……. and recently read in a Wayne Dyer book that most people fear their highest possibility, and in “What color is your parachute” how unique each living soul is and now your poem. Well if that aint a kick in the hiney!


    • Hahah I love Marianne Williamson’s speech I never used to understand that bit about darkness and light but I certainly do now. We have no one but ourselves to blame for a lack of success and that is a bit confronting when you truly realise your world spins on your own command – also very inspiring and exciting.

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  2. I love this and I really relate to the waiting for permission aspect of life. Sometimes, I catch myself waiting for permission to be happy when I should just seize the moments and do the most of life. Thank you for the great reminder!

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