The rebalancing act

Shoals of fish turn and dart – one entity

Trying to escape the marauding sharks

Come to feed on a moment of plenty

Flocks of birds fly overhead moving as one

They turn

Wing tips spread


Feasting on

Swarms of locusts

As they fly through the air

In thick clouds

Decimating …

Pelicans fly for hours

Heading inexplicably west

Ahead of a rain event

That hasn’t occurred yet

Animals moving to higher ground

Without even one drop shed

Floods follow droughts

Rain follows fire

The landscape repairing

Nature retuning




Resistant bacteria

Mass hysteria

We think ourselves powerful

But we’re just fleas on the back of dog

Annoying pests easily dealt with

There is an ancient energy which runs through this earth

More powerful then anything our overfed, overstuffed brains can fathom

Perhaps our lizard brain comprehends

But then we over ride that

But not Mother Nature

We can’t over ride her

We will be rebalanced

Even as politicians argue for this and that

Drawing lines in the sand



Dumb numb mean


Mother Nature laughs gently and sends the tides to wash her pretty hide clean

Clean of us all


A thousand years from now – our bones will be contributing to the mineral layers of the very earth that we extracted them from in such huge quantities in this lifetime.

We think we are powerful and meaningful, impactful

But a shift, an explosion or one rampant virus

And we will be shaken off like fleas

There is nowhere to escape to

It’s always been a closed circuit

We will be gone, diseased, deceased

Yet the world keeps spinning, the grass will keep growing and species will evolve and change and die out and be reborn

Continents will shift

Rainforests becoming ice

Seas becoming desserts

And deserts becoming verdant and lush

Oceans will refill

The depths will rise

Bottoms sink



Continents shifting

We cause none of this

How arrogant to think we have a hand in anything

We are as transient as the dinosaur

The Sabre tooth tiger

Fossilised bones

Something found eons later in time

And pondered over

The life force will continue to create whatever it wants

And when it grows tired of us

We’re gone

Something I take a great deal of comfort in, in these gloomy turbulent times.

14 thoughts on “The rebalancing act

    • As you know, I have grave concerns at times for the environment, your article last week about the doomsday clock was frightening. It helps to think of the cataclysmic events that this planet has gone through long before we even arrived on the scene – it helps to think of the thick forests and wild flowers and verdant growth on the fall out zone around Chernobyl that although radioactivity persists it is clear the earth is healing there. With all the anxiety around environmental destruction there is also great hope. I hope.

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  1. “There is an ancient energy which runs through this earth”.
    This is something I have spend many hours connecting myself with. Beautiful the way you cycle in your words, it seems to relate to all the cycles here on Earth. We are all just small, as you said flea’s!

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  2. I like to think, that as you stated, “we’re just fleas on the back of a dog.” It’s comforting to know that the world goes on with or without us. And many times I’ve though it would be better of without us.

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