You’ll see what I mean

You must thank those difficult things

You must

And the more difficult the journey

The more you should be grateful

Because once you transcend this difficult thing

And are out the other side

You have a higher perspective than you ever thought possible

And the small

The petty

The weak

All you will have left for those things both within yourself

And in other people

Is compassion

Knowing the road

How you can hate what bought you here?

Knowing yourself

Seeing how far you have come

How can you be anything but humble?

If you feel pride right now

Go back a step or two

You took a wrong turn somewhere back there

Return back here by a different route

And you’ll see what I mean

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13 thoughts on “You’ll see what I mean

    • Yes I know – people feel it is their right to feel pride – I tend to think of it as a false step myself because it leads me astray every single time – if that is what you mean. You could mean something else entirely of course


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