Filters and words – how they fall, where they fall and how they find a way in

Words should come with an adaptable filter

But they don’t

What I write

Isn’t what you see

Because you are not me

And you are filtering my words

Through your own experience

This is the challenge any writer faces

And it can be paralysing

Have us gravitating to safe ground

This world now more than ever before

Is so connected that what I post

Is being read on the other side of the planet

Different customs

Different traditions

Different religions

Different humans

Each living their own life

Having different moods

Different pasts


We are more diverse than we realise

Yet equally

We are more same

Than different

When I write, I write from my heart

If it touches yours

It finds its target

I rarely miss my market

When I’m aiming at other human beings

Truth is universal

Love traverses this planet

Entering millions of hearts

As easily as it exits

Leaving owners



Or seething in fury

And it is into this morass

That my words fall

Pitter patter

Rain on the windshield of your mind

I don’t know how it will be filtered

When it reaches the other side

I can only say

What I intend

And then leave the words

To find their own way in

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16 thoughts on “Filters and words – how they fall, where they fall and how they find a way in

  1. True…I think it’s when you’re writing to make money that the audience is a concern. But personal creativity should never be subjected to fear about whether the audience will take it exactly as you intended. That’s also the beauty of poetry: it’s open to interpretation. The key principle is that what comes from the heart goes to the heart.

    Lovely piece 💙.

    Liked by 3 people

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