Stay behind the guard rail

There is an edge

That some find

Maybe once in a lifetime




And dozens

Of times a day

Those that return

They say

The world is not round


It is flat

And it has these dangerous edges

Sharp fissures that fall away

Emotions tumbling

Like stones


Hear them strike the bottom




Bumping away into the dark chasms


Mostly the edge is clear

Delineated and signposted

With warnings

Which is why we walk past

We don’t go that way

But once

Or twice

I saw it blurr

Growing foggy

Is it here?

Or there?

That edge

I failed to feel the sharpness

Things instead became

Dull and soft

The signs danced away becoming

Ephemeral ghosts

With voices that shouted

“You are worthless”

And worse


I know

If you find yourself there

At that edge

With your emotions sliding away

Waterfalls of spun out disarray


You need to shut your eyes

Cover your ears

And let your heart read to you in Braille

Step back

Behind the guard rail

Turn around

And keep walking


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