The spiral staircase we walk upon

Life is circular

We never pull ahead

Or if we do

It is simply to circle back instead

At least that is what it feels like sometimes

The thing is

If I were to picture this pattern

It is not the same circle

It is several overlapping

Or rather

A spiral

We begin at a point and spiral out

But if we are lucky

Something turns us about

To make it back to the sacred point in time

A Fibonacci spiral

Of the mind


Always returning

To find

The lesson

The meaning

Gleaning a lifetime of learning

From everything

And everyone

around us

Every day

Bringing a fresh opportunity

To be dropped in the water

Spiralling our way out

Returning home


Writing a poem

What a way to walk through this wonderful magical life

*and thanks for walking this way with me. I am loving creating this blog and the people I am meeting through writing each day.

I think we do circle like this – but each time we come a little closer to who we truly are – each lesson pulls us into the path.

Time feels linear – we think our path or dharma is too. I don’t believe so anymore – one of the most magical patterns oft repeated in nature is the Fibonacci spiral – I believe this is the line our life runs along too.

Well for those of us lucky enough to get outside our comfort zones (by choice or by rising to the occasion) and be willing to grow and reflect.

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14 thoughts on “The spiral staircase we walk upon

  1. If you’d measure that spirals as they flow outward, ever outward, you’d see that they correspond to the golden mean. Everything in nature is based on that. Look at a tree’s bottom branch. Look at your arms and legs as the relate to their torso. It’s a wonderful thing.

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    • Yes Ray – One is the first things we learn in art is the Fibonacci spiral and the golden mean, the rule of thirds etc it is absolutely amazing as is mathematics and how it applies to what we think are completely organic forms. There is so much magic that we just take for granted.


      • Other way around. All of that stuff is just a mathematical expression for what happens in nature. Since you brush all of these comments off, you must be amazingly good at what you do.


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