You do you – I’ll hold your roots

Today, I don’t want to be a forest tree




I used to think diplomacy the highest form of principle


I see

There are too many people to please

Too many trying to bend

Train my branches into a shape that suits them


That was the sound of my patience flaying

One last tendril remains

Curled into a rock

Dug deep into a crevice

So it doesn’t fall off

Trees in a cliff face

Are left alone

Their roots embedded in bedrock

Barrier to their backs

When the wind changes

The rocks hold them like true friends

That don’t have an opinion

Nor some sort of dominion

Over how the tree should grow

These trees do what they want

And they don’t give in

Whenever a new wind blows

A fresh breeze swings in

whispering “I think it would be better if you do it like this”

Cliff face trees just say f$&@k off

You’re on my rock

Take your muddy shoes

And fall off


Watch their suggestions about how to be a better tree

Roll pell mell down the scree

And join the melee at the bottom

Cliff face tree turns its face to the sun

And lives on

*my husband is a rock of mine. He doesn’t read my blog or have an opinion on what I should be writing about – he is just happy for me to be writing

My sister is a rock – I don’t think she reads my blog either or if she does she is quiet. If I send her through a photo of something I have e decided to do- she always says excellent – instant 100 percent support. Which might not sound helpful at all except she knows I have already made up my mind by the time I send it through so…high five – you do you.

My kids are the same – you do you Mum – you do you.

If Mum was still alive she would most certainly do the same and once Dad got over the surprise of actually being asked (my parents raised very independent humans) he would just nod and say you do you.

You do you. I’ll be here.

These are our rocks, our cliffs that stand behind us and although the rest of the world may have an opinion – my only advice is to dig deeper into your cliff faces

And let them hold your roots – while you do you.

If for some reason you don’t have a cliff face

Then dig into the bedrock of your hero’s and role models – read their lives and set your roots in their soil

One life

Make sure you do yours

15 thoughts on “You do you – I’ll hold your roots

  1. My rock is my husband as well. He always tells me to just be me. Never questions me or makes me question me really. Just loves me to be happy. My mom is another rock, she is my biggest fan! Love this post! So much to think about.

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  2. I love this! I feel like far too often we bend ourselves to the point of breaking, just as you described, in a desperate attempt to be what we think we ‘should’ be for everyone else. However, we’re really prioritizing the rest of the world over our own health and well-being and that’s a dangerous road to travel down…

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    • It’s very tiring for sure – I like people to be happy so I’m always playing diplomat – got to realise that not everyone wants to be happy and that it is their choice. I think the best thing in life is to do your own thing, help where you can and leave others happiness up to them.


  3. I love this! My husband is also my rock. In this world there are so many things that try to bend you to the breaking point, it’s important to try & stay as grounded as possible.

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