Killing time – where do you bury it?


How much?

I mean, it is a pretty open ended question

And I don’t mean until you’re dead

Nothing that deep


How much do you need

Between this and that

And what do you cram those moments with

Facebook, Insta, Snapchat?

Do you check out WordPress reader?





All of them?

So you’ve got a bit of time on your hands

To kill

Or did

Till you sat down.

If you fill the time with social media

You won’t even see her

She will fly past on sock clad feet

So fast you miss her passing

So quiet you would never hear

The soft tick

Of one second sliding into another

And another

Life disappearing


Sucking on your thoughts

Tugging on your emotions

See saw

See saw

Happy sad angry fraught

Laugh out loud

It’s all for naught

An hour later

The time has flown

You wander off

Mind blown

What a waste

Could have called someone important

Whose been waiting for your voice

Could have worked towards a goal

Exercised some choice

Stared at the wall

And contemplated this life

That now you’re looking at it

Right at it

Will slow down

Come into focus

This life we’re only given moments

And once they’re gone

They don’t come back

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14 thoughts on “Killing time – where do you bury it?

  1. Well Said, Thousand! Time keeps on ticking, ticking into the future, waste those moments, but they are never gotten back. A life-time so carefully measured out, one day you wake up and you are seventy years on, where did all that time go? Watched T.V., went to movies, sat in bars sucking up the suds, slaved away in that old factory, made a bunch of babies, stayed in debt to the powers that be…..I wish I was eighteen again, but would it be lived any differently? ________________________________

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    • Well said George, difficult to know if we would do it all differently after all. Time passes and whether we pack it with “worthy” or nothing much at all – in the end we still want more. I would have spent more time being peaceful and grateful and less time worrying though – worry is a massive waste of time and it makes us so miserable – less time worrying would be good.

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      • “Wringing your hands only stops you from rolling up your sleeves.” James Rollins…..What, pray tell, is there worth “Worrying” about? All we have is this moment in time to live in, once this moment has passed it is History, it cannot be changed. When one reads the daily newspaper, or watches the News on the T.V. it is all about History, all of these events are over in the Here and Now….One day, my heart will cease it’s endless beating and I too, will be History, so whats to Worry?

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