Happy Valentines Day – Keep it wild

Please don’t bring me florist cut roses

Tall and stiff in their cellophane skirts

Wire winding up their stems like corsets

Thorns trimmed

Robbed of scent


Uniform straight

Not a blemish

Red and ubiquitous

They remind me of perfection

And how far from it

I am

Bring me instead

A cup of coffee in the morning with your smile

A hand plucked garden grown bouquet and keep it wild


Or the passionate Bougainvillaea spray

Laughing with colour

In a bright nosegay

With all its sharpness intact

No cellophane skirt

Just a messy pile of love

A thought as you walk out the door

With a “Happy Valentines Day” tossed over your shoulder

Because now that we are older

We don’t need all that crap to say

I love you darl’

I’ve got your back.

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16 thoughts on “Happy Valentines Day – Keep it wild

  1. Perfectly said! My ex always insisted on giving me roses……I despised them, they smell like must and rot. I would say if you “insist” on gifts then please know my favorite lip balm, my favorite brand of socks, my favorite kind of notebook and pen, but please stop being a sheeple and wasting both our time on those roses…….eventually after 20 years we said our goodbyes……

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