Let’s be reasonable – not everyone gets along

I don’t know why

They’ve got their reasons

And we don’t have to know everything

In fact

It’s fine

I don’t need yours

You don’t need mine

I got my reasons

Just leave it at that

When things are broken down

Sometimes they crack

Just leave it at reasons

And don’t ask


Just leave it at reasons

Don’t cross that line

I’ve got this space

And you’ve got yours

There’s a reason

We don’t cross

Floors anymore

To get to people

That don’t knock on doors

Ask if we’re okay

And that’s okay too

Because they’ve got their reasons

Let’s just leave it that way

Reasons don’t have to be explained

And if asked why

Let that question fly by

Don’t have to catch it

We can’t catch every ball

And when it all boils down

Let’s just call it


And roll on

*this one has a tune to it – I have it rolling around in my head with more verses.

One day when I have time I might explore it further and in a different medium.

I love music and find it very inspirational. Musicians are just poets (with more talents)

Here is a collaboration I did with a particularly talented musician George from Zoolon Music – check his details and have a listen to my Christmas present to my Husband last Christmas.

If you are a poet and would like to do something similar with your work contact George.


11 thoughts on “Let’s be reasonable – not everyone gets along

    • Oh I love lots of people and am lucky to have a great group around me but I have a bad habit of bending and extending for people that I really shouldn’t . Think I’m learning to let that go and stay in my own space. Some people are very disappointing – dogs never disappoint though. Dogs are awesome.

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      • I have three and every time a post comes up about a dog needing a home I seriously consider it. I could happily save every dog and bring it home to live with me but alas my husband is firm about the matter. It is like being surrounded by a mob of mutual approbation and love every time I walk with them – you don’t get that in many human groups.

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      • We started out with two that we bought. A cocker spaniel and a medium poodle (about the same size). Then we joined a cocker and poodle group. Whenever a dog came up that needed to be fostered, we did it. Pretty soon they fit in with the other dogs so we just kept them. A couple of years ago when Houston was so flooded ,a huge number of dogs needed fostering. We took an additional four. The total was ten, which was too much. Luckily, their people wanted them back.

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