It’s Saturday and the Shadows are long..

It’s Saturday evening

The shadows are long

The dogs gone to bed

I hastened them along

There is too much in my head

For their loving nonsense

And they were happy enough to go

That’s the thing with dogs

They just know


Now I sit here alone and I miss them

Their uncomplicated smiles

Their “give it not a thought” roll on their back awhile

Enjoy the green cool of the grass

Without worrying an ant might bite them

They’ll deal with that vexing thing

Only should it occur

They don’t think about anything beforehand

Map out their day




Yet here I sit

All the colours of a beautiful sunset

Laid out before me

And I’m staring at the blushingly gorgeous clouds

Wishing I was a dog

Worrying about before

Anxious about later

And not altogether quite here now either

Which is what is probably the matter

Because perhaps instead

I need to take off this human skin

And wander down to the grass instead

Maybe roll around a bit and not think about the ants







7 thoughts on “It’s Saturday and the Shadows are long..

  1. Our Cricket the Cat is very dog like in nature. She is always in one of our laps. She walks with us outdoors with out a leash and stays by our sides. I just watch her many times in a day. Her elegance and care free attitude. When her dish is empty she sits next to it with out anxiety, with out a meow. She patiently waits. If Jase and I argue she climbs in the lap of the one who is “right” or if neither is “right” she will sit directly between us and look at us with a look of “drop it already”l I could go on and on and on…………..Our pets are little spiritual beings bringing light to our souls

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  2. Perhaps the human animal has much to learn from its brethren in terms of spirituality and thought.We’ve been conditioned to believe they don’t think, which my dogs prove wrong daily. They don’t think like us, for sure. And if you realize what our “thinking” has done to the world, that may be the best thing about them.

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    • Very true. Conditioning would have us believe all animals are incapable of thinking, feeling like we do and therefore in human minds arrogance it is okay to manipulate and hurt and use them for our purposes. Animals are a higher form of consciousness then us precisely because they can live in the moment – perhaps it is a subconscious jealousy of their ability to live in the moment and be free of so many of our self imposed restraints that leads some people to denote them as less than. If anything they are more than we can ever hope to be. Houses and money and progress and acclaim mean nothing to a hawk who can hunt for his meals and remain autonomous. That is true freedom. I aspire to the hawk not the mogul.


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