Take a seat where someone else’s bum has just been

Sitting in the seat

Of the drunk

The maudlin

The pitiful fool

The jester

The heartbreaker

The family jewel

The business man juggling

His takeaway coffee

The grandmother enroute to see her family

The busy

The tired

The fraught

The lonely

The peaceful

The calm

The lonely

I wonder who sat down here just before me

Sitting in the same seats as humanity

Taxi to the airport

Smells of last nights debauchery

Eating in the


Fastidious Asian across from me

Three thousand napkins

Hand sanitiser pumping

I haven’t got any

I feel suddenly attacked by a thousand unseen germs

Am I too lacksidasical about these things?

What was I thinking

Eating my burger in peace


Writing verse

Fighting the urge

To check my boarding time for the hundredth time

Entering other worlds

As they roam across my space

All these transient bottoms

In stationery seats

How much kinder would we


If we simply recalled

That we just sat down

In somebody else’s seat?

*this guy …Interesting face -I love people watching

9 thoughts on “Take a seat where someone else’s bum has just been

  1. I not much of a germaphobe but when you put it that way… so many bums, so many germs. I do love how you ended on remembering that it is someone elses seat. I think the world would be much kinder with a realization like that!

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  2. Well this was a treat! The revolving door of the airlines is something to behold, they are like cities in their own containers. Can you believe I used to be supervisor for an airline, oh the stories I can tell haha 🙂 Airline workers are some of the most underpaid hard working people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. I enjoyed the adventure of meeting the travelers, speaking into the mic and laughing at my own voice booming through the airport, driving luggage carts across the tarmac with a full moon, moving the jet bridge etc, oh the adventure! I’d get in so much trouble for undercharging families for luggage and letting late passengers through……..I like to “stick it to the man”……….

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