When the amygdala hatches


What colour are you?

When there is no tree branch to melt into

Camouflage heart





But who are you?

I see you there

See your edges

As you move from branch to flower

Your power to hide is incredible

But it’s time to stop shrinking now

Come out from beneath your colours



Fear of others rejection

Nothing matters when you’re on the truth path

You don’t fear sticking out

You welcome it


You are not the victim here

Prey for any and all to descend upon

Scatter and skip beneath a leaf for cover

Insect hurtling and small

Ten thousand eyes

Watching it all

In fear


Fear is gone

You are what you were all along

Eagle in the sky

Fears none

Resting in branches

Ancient totem pole

Who knew

That inside the ancient amygdala lizard brain fear

Is a high soaring eagle

With the eyes of a seer

That needed no healing

Other than to be opened

From the inside out

#be so heavily immersed in your dreams, letting your craft flow through you and the magic dance within that you have no time to be scrutinising yourself from the outside in.

Live the dream – don’t chase it.

13 thoughts on “When the amygdala hatches

  1. I love this ! On a side note, not related to this poem and the chameleon in it …,here is a question that I encountered not long ago : if you put a chameleon in front of a mirror , what color does it become !:)😘

  2. “Nothing matters when you’re on the true path”
    Being fearless, knowing you are “held” is the most euphoric feeling one can have 🙂
    This was so wonderfully written, as always, thank you for allowing words of wisdom to flow though you!

    • Hi Mare – flow through is what they do – I had a chat with a coach yesterday about taking my “business” to the next level. Last night I got anxious – what if my poetry isn’t good enough then I realised – no my poetry isn’t good enough. But when I’m connected it has to be good enough because everything that comes through me is automatically meant for this world to hear so I am certainly not getting in “its” way. I loved chameleon too – it was something I needed to hear and it was I was being told this about me. I shared thinking it would help others like me who were carefully blending in instead of standing out. You heard of tapping? EFT? I’m getting into that – breaking thought patterns and replacing them.

      • Connection is everything 😉 I’m glad you are taking the next steps! Spirit has brought you this far!
        Yes, I have done tapping, it’s good stuff for sure. I have used it to calm anxiety many times. I Hope it produces the results you are looking for. There’s a speaker/author you may have heard of Joe Dispenza, he is all about changing the brain. His latest book “Becoming Supernatural” is incredible
        The ketamine infusions I’m going to have are meant to rewire the body/mind pain connection as I’ve tried so many things. Being in constant pain is F`ing up my head to say the least. I am certainly hoping this will help. I have been listening to podcasts of doctors who have seen amazing things happen and have learned the brain is pliable and open to suggestion during and right after each treatment. Jase and I are putting together a spiritual playlist for each infusion as there are 4 of them and they are 4 hours long……whoa! Hoping to pump my brain full of goodness lol…….

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