Strong Boundaries and High Standards – Who are you giving your leash to?

I saw a lady walking her dog

A beautiful



I saw somebody toxic coming along

They attacked her


She handed over the leash to her beloved pet

And let them kick and hurt him

Let that sink in

Now imagine the dog

Was not an animal

But the most beautiful part of any of us

Our soul



And you have a choice

Yet still let others bring you down

Steal your power

The narcissist

The bully

The cold the bitchy

What would you do then?


Take back your leash

Erect you’re fence

*this is a gentle reminder about owning your energy. Taking back your power, raising your standards and defending your boundaries.

Loving ourselves and putting those healthy strategies in place is sometimes more difficult than defending our loved ones and pets.

Hence the analogy.

It is important to note that nastiness of any kind always shows more about the perpetrators character than your own.

Normal healthy people don’t go around ignoring or being outrightly rude to other people.

Normal people don’t exclude others or act with meanness.

Unkind behaviour stems from issues within the perpetrator and shows a marked lack of maturity and growth.

There are many varieties and levels of bullying. Unfortunately not everyone is in a position to have enough self esteem not to be troubled or deeply hurt by nasty attacks by other humans.


Verbal attacks

Physical violence

Narcissistic manipulation

Seek help if you are unable to cope. I’ve left a couple of links below that may offer more information.

Domestic Violence Australia – click the link below

Kids helpline and information about bullying


23 thoughts on “Strong Boundaries and High Standards – Who are you giving your leash to?

  1. A sad, yet poignant and descriptive analogy of bullying! Take back that leash. I witnessed so much bullying in the years in a school. And even worse, in adults in work places and even churches. The damage done by bullying is agonizing ~but together, through love and kindness, we can help each other on the journey. Beautiful words on your post. And great links!

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    • Thanks and yes bullying is a scourge for society because it crippled self esteem particularly in children (some never recover) which make them prime targets for adult bullying later on. Bullying is energy theft. We need to focus on resilience and building up the prey rather than focusing on punishment of the bully. In their own way they are as much a victim of their own unconscious behaviour patterns as those they hurt. Kids are taught to keep their hands and feet to themselves but nothing about energy management. The bullies need to find solace within through meditation and self love training just as much as the souls they try and rob from. Big topic and as I said – it ranges from bitchy ostracism (which still occurs in adulthood) to cyber bullying, hate speech, physical violence and domestic violence. The source though is the same. Energy theft and energy rejection – weaker energy can revolt some people. This weaker energy needs to be built up not torn down further. It is not a fixed state. Anyway…huge topic – not going there today. As always love and a kinder world is the answer ❤️😊

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      • I read this with applause, both with my hands and heart! I’m 💯 in agreement. The words you wrote were similar to the exact thoughts I shared about teaching kids to manage energy and helping bullies find their way to self-love. It’s a huge topic indeed~and your perspectives and beliefs are so appreciated. ❣️💚

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      • A pleasure. I was bullied – I have spent some time on going over what happened and why. It was always in times of low energy – where things were going on and I was going under as a kid – later as an adult too. I firmly believe both parties simply need to be treated kindly and have a frank discussion about energy and keeping it high and strong and taking personal teaponsibility. Both sides of the same coin. Thanks for your comment – I appreciate your input.


    • Hi Lyn – it walked into my head as an image and I found it quite profound how fierce I became thinking of the protection of the dog yet every day we let people take our own leash. Even in so called harmless ways like frenemies and people who haven’t got our best interests at heart. This analogy really bought clarity around who I should allow to have my power and time. On a deeper level I could see how it would help people stand up for themselves in bullying situations where they may not otherwise do so. I hope you’re well.


      • It was really profound actually. I think we allow bullying sometimes even more from those who are supposed to be our friends. Can I repost your comments on my blog? And your poem?? I’ve been sort of hyper-focused on this subject for a bit now — I’ve been good at not letting people take my personal “power” — until now. And while I think I will triumph over this soon, it has indeed posed challenges I’ve not faced before. Lots of people in this boat. Maybe an old story, but sometimes someone like you can frame it in a new way and really affect peoples’ lives. I’m ok… thanks so much.

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      • Sure, post away Lynn. I thought the same thing. I had actually had the light bulb moment with another person. It was harmless yet was going around in my mind and I was questioning why I was giving my power to someone else. We all do it – having this analogy helps to remember because where we would definitely step in to defend an animal or another person – we don’t always step in and quietly take our own leash back.


  2. wow wow wow……….this is beyond awesome………my goodness, you could make a video of this analogy and send it to schools through out the world. How many kids that bully are being bullied at home and need to take their leash back? It’s such an awful merry go round…..

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    • Shocking and That’s the thing – the bullies are just as powerless – that’s why they steal. Heard a powerful speaker on the week-end she spoke about what an absolute bitch she was at work – everyone hates her and wouldn’t come near her. One woman did and it was life changing. You see the speaker was being abused and suppressed and physically hurt by her new husband – but because she didn’t want anyone to know she put on a mask. Just one person being open with her (she was a survivor of domestic abuse herself) helped her take back her leash and her power and leave that marriage. We don’t think of bullies and nasty bitches being bullies and powerless themselves – that is what is so sad. Persecution solves nothing. Everyone has to know how to hold their own. Resilience training is key. Support is key. A huge issue. This is just a little thought but it helped me when I was thinking of this person who was affecting me with her behaviour. Because when you realise actually I haven’t done anything here it is your problem ..I hope she is okay. Anyway. So many levels so many issues and they all run back to the currency of energy. Celestine Promise – read it?

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      • First, I have not read that one, will look it up for sure.
        Second, we certainly never know what others are going through, hallelujah she left the abuse and lived to speak about it, and on stage! Good for her . I’ve always viewed homes as plastic containers for secrets. They might look “cookie cutter” on the outside, but holy hell it’s the interactions on the inside that truly matter.
        Something I shared with Archie recently in dealing with difficult persons is I think to myself: “If I needed an organ transplant, their organs would be just as good as someone who wasn’t pissing me off!” Ahhhh laughter is good medicine 🙂

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      • Hahaha! True! Yes and underneath we are all the same. Everyone needs their heart to keep beating and all the organs to be functioning, we hold the same thoughts and fears. We love, we lose, we breathe and ultimately all die. Certainly more the same then we are different

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  3. Very powerful post! I can relate because when I was young, I too was bullied. I suffered brutal beatings, name calling, and so many other kinds of bullying. Sadly, I let them intimidate me.

    But now that I’m older, I love myself, I’m comfortable in my own skin, and I refuse to give away my power. I will stand up for myself in a hot minute if anyone dares to cross a line with me.

    Now I realize that bullies are the one who have the issue. They’re weak, insecure cowards who have to go around beating their chests to get people to pay attention to them.

    Sometimes the same people will try to bully me even now. But all I do now is blow them off with a dismissive look, a scoff and a chortle. And it INFURIATES them. Lol

    Thank you for this inspiring post!

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      • You nailed it! Many of my former bullies never left town. They’re still hanging around the same people, frequent the same spots and talk about the same boring topics- other people. It’s sad when people refuse growth.


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