When the Universe rains on a Being

Drought on the surface of the soul











Potential life must be in the air

For growth to spring so very quickly when water is added

*a funny little tip toe through my thought process when I’m writing a poem – usually I would expand these thought bombs into a poem – and I probably will with this one but that is how my poems begin

Like seeds dropped into the surface of my mind

The change in scenery around me is miraculous

When I took the video from https://athousandbitsofpaper.com/2019/11/19/the-seeds-we-sow/

The dirt was dry

Dust sifting


Massive dust storms blowing in

Blowing our soil away

Yet now

We have had a drenching and the grass and plants are bursting out of the ground like there is hardly enough space for each of them

I kid you not our paddocks are dressed in waist high Buffle grass and it’s so thick and lush

Yet where were the seeds?

The topsoil was gone – blown away

What lay beneath was hardened clay

It’s like magic

So I believe

Seeds are in the air

Potential is everywhere

We just can’t see it

Till it rains

If life feels like a drought on your soul


Potential is everywhere

Get ready

Because when it rains

There will be so much coming to you that your hands will scarce be able to hold it

And your heart will overflow in gratitude

It’s a powerful thing

When the universe rains on a being

11 thoughts on “When the Universe rains on a Being

  1. Through both joy and pain , we transcend , grow and gain …
    Going  up and down through   life
    Like a U-turn and U-gain
    We shall in God remain …
    Sure , The sun  would shine brightly after the rain …
    We evolve in life moving within a  train…
    God help us stay strong and sane ,
    Our spirits  transfer in a cosmic  domain ,
    In trials and errors ,
    we fall and rise  but nothing goes in  vain ,
    With God , we are eternally loved ,
    My spirit keeps sending peace and
    awareness we shall retain ,
    Forgive our sins , O , God  , and  countless  blessings for us your mercy would contain …
    God help us choose the best path or lane …
    You may close a door for us ,
    But then relieve us and guidance WE SHALL regain ,
    We shall always thrive and dive into heaven when  God would sustain …

    Thank you …God bless our world …

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