The unravelling

The shell is not the nut

The bite you eat

Is not the wrapping

Don’t confuse the unravelling with the gift

The teaching is not in the test

The score

But in the lesson

You have to wait

Read more into everything

Before reaching for the next level

Of anything you want to achieve

And you don’t

Get to skip steps

Or you will lose


I am a person who runs full tilt into life. Sometimes (a lot of times) this tendency has repercussions. I am learning to slow down, be patient, wait for things to unravel and not be so damn impatient.

Because the results are so much better

The journey far easier

And I don’t make so many mistakes

Also I am learning to give less in order to give more and spread myself wider.

I will only be posting on the blog during the week and having my week-ends free for all the rest of it. For the reading, the writing, the living and the lying in the grass moments that we all need.

Mostly I’m using the time to begin and complete other ventures such as the shop I just opened – more about that tomorrow.

In the meantime here are some of my other posts to try


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