If you are going to be a self fulfilling prophecy – BE EPIC

Everything you perceive

you project

If you perceive yourself to be




and talented

this is what you will project


if you perceive yourself to be







not good enough

Guess what?

This is exactly what you project

Stop worrying about what other people think

it doesn’t matter

it only matters what you think

because you are the only one who can project

and embody

who you are

If you are going to be self fulfilling prophesy

Be epic!


*I am reading a great book by Janeen Vosper entitled Good Girls do Sell at the moment. So much sense! This point however about perception and projection really hit home for me. I have done this – walked into a room full of inspiration and courage and talent and then taken a look around at who is there and instantly shrunk.

Maybe it is that one person who you know judges you unkindly. Maybe it is that group of younger ladies that look so cool and suddenly you feel old and very un cool. Maybe it is a lot of things. The thing is – they haven’t opened their mouths and you are defeated already.

You did that to yourself because your perception changed and your doubt and fear or sense of inadequacy became a self fulfilling prophesy.

Listen to me dear one – if you are going to have a self fulfilling prophesy – make it an epic one. Any one person can do anything they want. People who have done great things – people you admire – they got there because they created self fulfilling prophesy about their lives and where they were going.

You can too.

Be kind

Be wonderful

Be amazing

Be mind blowing

You choose – and then back yourself.

Be epic!


17 thoughts on “If you are going to be a self fulfilling prophecy – BE EPIC

  1. Yep, be the best “you” you can be. Nobody else can be “you.” No matter how great they are. They are still not you with your unique perspective. This is particularly important for writers!

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  2. That self-defeating voice is so deafening sometimes. I do find that when I can push through it, I surprise myself. I once thought I couldn’t do a certain jump/kick in tae-kwon-do. I kid you not, directly after I said “I can’t”, I DID! And I was great at it. It’s amazing what we stop ourselves from achieving just because we’re scared we can’t, or don’t deserve to.

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  3. I think this is an awesome point! I want a prophecy on 80-year-old women battling dragons with her knitting needles 8 cats and a trusty sidekick who makes sure she takes her pills every morning! 😂😂 maybe ill write a story about that

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  4. Beautifully written! I loved it! So true that what we believe about ourselves dictates our feelings, persona, and actions, and we create a self fulfilling prophecy. It’s great to be aware that we can use that to our advantage and become a version of ourselves we’re proud of.

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