Don’t go chasing empty packets


It’s a funny thing

Who it blows out

Who it brings in

What I’ve discovered is this

You can’t go chasing after people like they’re some empty paper packet

Drifting down the paddock

If you do that

You have no energy for greeting the beauty

You just breathed in

*And my God, life is far too glorious to try and control – enjoy the ride, enjoy what is given and cease to worry about what has gone

It’s gone for a reason

PS do chase after actual empty packets – litter is yuck 🤢😊and it’s kills animals because they eat it.


I once had to chase down the paddock after a cow who was tearing strips of wrapping plastic that was around a pallet. She was sucking it up like spaghetti and I’m thinking why?!!? Because she liked it.

So run I did and look surprised (with a big chunk of plastic hanging out of her mouth) did she.

That’s my daily dose of wisdom right there.

Yep same time tomorrow – more enlightenment to be had 😊

10 thoughts on “Don’t go chasing empty packets

  1. I love this and your outlook on this, your words are so beautifully put. I have to agree with the first comment on this post about radiating and attracting x

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