Recovering from a lifetime of people pleasing

I used to have a little people pleaser

Located near my feet

And whenever I got frowned upon

The closer I would creep

Try and fix

Whatever was wrong

With everyone

It was exhausting

So I finally threw it in the bin

Now when someone frowns at me

I produce my sunniest smile

And continue on with whatever I am doing

That makes me happy

It’s a win win

For my sanity

My heart

And my equilibrium

None of which rhymes particularly well

But sometimes

You’ve just got to say it how it is

27 thoughts on “Recovering from a lifetime of people pleasing

  1. I can really relate to this my friend! This is great. What I tell my sons is that it’s really hard for others to be mad at you when you are smiling at them😉
    Another thing my gf says is that you can be the juiciest peach and there are still going to be people that don’t like peaches. Great post👏

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  2. I always reminded my children that if I put them on a stage with hundreds of people in the audience, some would like their haircut, others would hate it, some would say “you’re too fat, you’re too thin, you’re just right etc etc etc… the end who do you listen to? You must be you no matter what. 😉 Excellent as always Kate!


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