Shining in the Shadows

The moon she shines

A reminder

We all matter

Our lives putter along

One day after another

Sometimes it feels someone else

Is more important





You tell yourself your being kind



But really you’re safe there in the wings

Not attracting any attention

Your name always mentioned

In conjunction with…

Offering your own applause

To her/him/they and all those others

That you let get in the way

Of your own dreams and aspirations

But you weren’t born to be someone else’s baggage

Carry your own

Pack it if you must

But climb out from ‘neath that rock

You’re not serving anyone

By leaving your own glow

To die out

And as for blaming someone else

That’s just blowing hot air

At another human spark




It’s okay to step out

From merely shining in the shadows

Of someone else’s path

To truly follow our heart

We must learn, like the moon

To glow in the dark

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