Consumed by the moment


We are born to die

To peak and decline

Stars burning bright

Until they burst


Become star dust

Our energy dispersed to live again

It is the way of nature

The universe

We cannot buck the trend

It’s not a matter of if

But when

So live while you can

And enjoy the second as it passes

Pouring the entire being into passion

While it lasts

And then choose another

And another

Fill every moment

With the light of full awareness

In this way

There is no space for worry


Or anxiety

We just live

And thrive till we die



By the moment

6 thoughts on “Consumed by the moment

  1. The present moment is a thudding in the dishwasher and a clacking of zippers in the washing machine lol 🙂 ahhhhh focus on the breath…….thankful for these contraptions so that I can read as they wash what needs washing…..

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