This Autumn wind

Autumn wind

Cool and smelling of green

And brown

Of earth and grass

And moisture

For however long it lasts

It greets me as I turn the corner of the house

Look out to the paddocks

Rolling away into the distance

Fill my lungs

My eyes

My mind

My heart

Mother Nature is changing her wardrobe

And like a child

I feel her excitement

6 thoughts on “This Autumn wind

  1. While on our walk yesterday I remember mentioning to Jase that as we enter into spring and summer you are entering into fall and winter. That fact astonishes me. I love the change of seasons……so many lessons to learn at each shift

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    • It astonishes me too Mare – one do the things I enjoy about blogging the most is seeing the world through people that inhabit it everywhere – not just in my town or country but everywhere including clean over the other side. We get so lost in our little bubbles – I’m glad mine has grown to encompass far more territory. Autumn and Spring are my favourite seasons because they are so fresh and new. It’s been a hot weird summer – now there is green everywhere and it smells divine

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