Waking up to the fact we are born to die

This fragile sheath

That our souls are wrapped in

You know it collapses don’t you?

You know our bodies are finite?

Our hearts cease to beat

Brains to function

And these arms and legs

That like to run

To dance

Will stop moving one day

Yet people stuff their mouths and veins with things that hasten death

Walk around denying it

Will ever happen to them

I’m sorry if no one told you

You’re not special

You can succumb

At any moment

To car crash

Snake bite

On a plane?

It can fall out of the sky

And if you jump out of one

You may also die

Facing death does not prevent it

Life is our gift

To unwrap

Before something ends it

Stop worrying about the onset of plague

It is all around you in other forms

Every day

It is called death

We all face it

Come what may

Get your shit together

Prepare if you must

But then live

And love

Because you’ve always been dying

So just give up trying to deny it

Half the population is numb to the fact that life is passing them by every single day

Do you know why plague panics?

Because it is a reminder

Suddenly everyone wakes up

Scurries about trying to hold on to what they have been Ignoring

That our lives are fragile

Humans pass through

We don’t stay

So please

Enjoy the day

These other humans who share it with you

Be kind

Be grateful

For every breath you take

And use this as the opportunity it is

To wake




Which of course I say – with great love.


And start living and loving and being the best version of you that you can be

Call it a life before death experience – and without counting minutes or holding on with desperate fingers

Simply live.

*where is the mass health reform of people going out and buying fresh fruit and vegetables. Increasing their immunity and vitality?

Instead there is a kind of dumb reliance on medicine and Government

If and when.

Fortify you’re system by enlivening it.

Take sensible precautions.

Use this as an opportunity to see how amazing life is and what a beautiful natural world we live in.

Don’t give in to fear. It is difficult with news reports and worried people over reacting everywhere .

I get that – it pushes buttons. Remember that fear is an illusion – love is everything.

And the loving force that underpins our universe and grows every living thing – can only aid you here in the present moment – if you disappear behind a fog of doubt and confusion and panic – you will not hear your intuition.

Be calm and loving and extend that to everyone around you – believe me in this crazy mixed up world – every single person that stands up calmly and helps where they can instead of running around like a fear mongering headless chook – makes a difference.

The stars are magnificent at the moment. The moon beyond beautiful. Look up. Breathe. Flow.

A couple of suggestions

  1. Eat really, really good food – the best you can afford – pack your plate and smoothie cup with organic rainbow fruit and veges
  2. Take good vitamin supplements
  3. Drink lots of water
  4. Pay attention to mental health – meditation and reading inspirational material
  5. Tune out media and any person who is prone to hyperbole
  6. Don’t go out to large crowded places if you don’t have to
  7. Do panic buy on books – they’re going to be in short supply as everyone embraces stay at home living (mine are on my books page 😁😉
  8. Enjoy long walks outside in the sunshine and natural spaces and breathe deeply – both these things relax the body and mind and keep it healthy
  9. Hygge – board games, books, candles, essential oils (and use them in diffusers to purify the air) candles and great food.
  10. Do some gardening – plant some veges and herbs and flowers

13 thoughts on “Waking up to the fact we are born to die

  1. Thank you, thank you, a million times thank you! This was gracefully and eloquently put and so needed to be said. We are flying Jase’s girls out on Tuesday for a week lol taking advantage of the ass hat’s closing their schools for the rest of the month! Our gain!

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