Spending time within

There is a whisper

It says

You should be doing

Something else

If I am writing, I should be doing the accounts

If I’m cooking, I should be working out

If I’m gardening, I should be cleaning the house

And on and on it goes

If I’m reading, I should be ironing

If I’m ironing

I’m falling behind in

Something else

Where does this voice come from?

How to get rid of it? Because I certainly can’t listen to it

I’ve found the answer within

It is a jealous little glimmer of my being

Which feels disconnected


Meditate for ten minutes


Peace again

*this sort of thing is almost always a disconnection with self

Whether it is paranoia aka worry about what others are thinking or saying


Self pity

Self anything problem – is a disconnection problem – you’ve been pulled out of your power socket

As a parent we all know that sometimes our small child whines and cries and pleads for attention and then is soothed and happy when you put aside whatever you’re doing and spend a half an hour lounging on the floor reading to them or playing LEGO or imaginary games…

So too the self likes you to check in and spend time just with yourself.

Meditation always works for me – 10 minutes is fine most of the time but if it is really whining in there spend half an hour – yoga, journaling – check in and be with yourself for awhile.

Spend a whole day – a week-end away – just with yourself.

There is nothing more refreshing and rejuvenating then spending quality time with self.

Unfortunately a lot of people are fearful of spending time with themselves or they’ve never learnt how

Or they confuse the inner critic for self, but that’s just the ego.

Self is boundless and wise – it isn’t the voice that whines

It is the higher part of every human

And we all have one

Find yours, check in and spend some time in the coolest company around

I love my higher self

It’s just the everyday me that I get tired of sometimes.

It is a pity that so many people spend their whole lives in the ordinary everyday ego, never meeting the best part of their higher selves until maybe just before they depart this world

Then it’s a big “oh!”


Go spend some time with your higher self

Especially in these days of uncertainty and turmoil

Peace can be had

But it’s an inside job

9 thoughts on “Spending time within

  1. Many times today I’ve had to remind myself: “You are not your body.”……”You are not your thoughts.”……..”You don’t have to feel or think anything, you just are.”……..Another pain free walk today! 🙂 And the second I stepped outside there was a bald eagle soaring above and I said “Oh! It’s about time, this means I’m ready to soar again!”

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