The jar shakes

Things rattle

Tip them in the bin

No need for broken things

If only it was so easy for human beings

Toss the sour edges

The misery flecked moody mouldy crumbs

And the sadness that affects everyone around them

Wipe them clean with a cloth

There – all shiny again!

Ready to go on

If only it was that easy

But not everyone is ready to discard

The things that make life hard

Instead they cling

With both hands

Holding them close

The shattered shards

Cutting themselves

Over and over again

I shake my head

Let it go I said


Watch the blood of a thousand bitter things


Over the edges

Splashing everywhere

And on everyone

What he said

What she said

The things that were never done

The ones that can’t be undone

Words that have flown

Far from home

And are now lodged

Deep in another’s psyche



Stupid, ugly things close

Every day the sun rises

Let it go

Let it go

Breathe the dawn air

And begin again


*I was thinking about my Dad this morning.

There was plenty of good and funny and kind about him, particularly when he was younger but when he was older and bitter and needy, he was almost impossible to deal with and was so damn mean sometimes he took my breath away.

Yes, there were excuses but why let them hang

It’s no good for anyone to excuse bad behaviour

Based on anything

Because it is habit forming

And what a terrible habit to get into

The sharp, bitter pieces we hold in our mind cut others even as we cut ourselves

Let them go – if there was ever a good time to do so – now is looking particularly necessary

Why leave your loved ones with memories of you that are troubling

It’s not who we are

It is the nasty things

We hold in the mind

That make anyone less than kind

Now more than ever

Change that old cracked record

Stop replaying lowlights of the past

Greet each morning with a new idea of how this day – this gift will go

And do the same tomorrow

Keep trying

Slowly the mindset will change

And one day

You will wonder why you ever held on to such misery in the first place

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