An elegant solution?

I thought it would come with a gigantic bang

Or a flood

Or a fire

Or a catastrophe

Instead it tip toes quietly

Through we humans

Tapping on shoulders

Come with me

And they follow.

The old ones first

They know what is required

Whilst loved ones are humbled

Barely having time to say good bye

The ancient places fall quiet

As humans stay inside

The sky clears

Waters recover

And all around us signs of life

Actual life

Begins to flourish

Parents talk with their children

Instead of staring at their phones

Lives slow down

People stay home

And think about what matters

Some days will find us lying in the grass

A book to hand

Staring at the sky


Is this really so bad?

*I am not downplaying the seriousness of this situation. I don’t know if it is just my way to see the good in everything (which is extremely annoying to some) but there is a lot of good emerging.

Pollution is down. Air quality is up (in many countries, improvements such as have not seen for decades). People bought so close to apocalyptic fear are relishing simple things and realising how wonderful life is.

Gratitude is making a comeback.

28 thoughts on “An elegant solution?

  1. Absolutely. My last post is along those same lines. We need to take heed from what’s going on – learn lessons, but also appreciate the positives that have emerged.

    We should not be of those glued to the news – drowning ourselves in a sick cycle of sensationalism and depressive information that disillusions us, rather than empowers us.

    The mind is a powerful tool…and we should use these extraordinary circumstances to cultivate healthier ways of being.

    Thank you for airing more positivity. You’ll find another awesome bit at the end of my post – by an Irish (I think) blogger whose piece has captivated many in the same vein as your thoughts here.

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    • I’m dancing! Found these great girls on Insta that free dance – so much fun and gardening and writing and creating – I’m trying to disconnect from the bad news and just breathe and live – yes being careful but also just enjoying this amazing Autumn weather

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  2. It will slow things down for sure and we will regain perspective–I hope. I am going to plant seeds — never done that before. (Maybe figuratively as well.) Thanks for writing this–for your thoughts–and just your fortitude in having written it. It makes me hopeful I might get back to writing something soon…

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  3. I avoid the news like the plague (sorry pun not intended). But my family and I know how to be safe. I also see a good side to this (if it wasn’t a financial burden on some). I walk freely on our mountain no near neighbors, just us and the dogs and cats. Be safe! 🤗

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  4. Great post! No one was expecting this and it will probably have a huge economic impact but we must see some good in it too. At least the planet is catching a fresh breath and we are learning to spend time with each other again.

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