Some days

Some days I cannot hold happiness

It doesn’t visit

In the yellow dress

Rather it drifts past the peripheral

A ghost of someone I once knew

Some days I’m not sure what I am doing

Or whether it matters anymore

And as I cobble together positive thoughts

They keep dropping


Through finger tips that sigh

There is nothing wrong

Everything right

So far

And yet..

So I know these days

Have met them before

They do not push me under

Instead I see them for what they are

Neither here

Nor there

Grey moments

Passing storms

Hormonal weather

To be borne

Until finally

They pass along

*By the time you are reading this, that was yesterday. Still is, although now it is evening and this is an update. This virus thing has ups and downs.

The art of Feng Shui encourages us to move “27 things” when feeling stuck or lethargic.

I find housework the best for overcoming the stuck, gloomy feeling and I guess in the course of spritzing all my plants and trimming dead leaves, dusting and mopping, ironing and tidying up – I would certainly move more than 27 things – it works.

Peace and smile restored after a day of glum. Hope everyone is remaining well.

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9 thoughts on “Some days

  1. Lol I did all of that today. Can’t wait for weather to stabilize, so I can begin gardening. I’ve been avoiding anything about this virus, since everyone knows what they need to do. Stay positive, chin up, and all those useless sayings. Since only we ourselves can dig out of a slump. Take care, be well! 🙃

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    • I should be okay I’m pretty healthy, I worry about all the people with compromised immunity and other issues. Just wish the younger folk would take it seriously and stay home instead of going to the pub and parties but not much you can do about it. Move another 27 things 😂 going to turn the house upside down shortly

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  2. These are trying times to say the least. We must devise a way to hold on to positives. They need our support, this isn’t to say they never needed us ever. Negatives seem to have lives of their own. Positives can’t be left to their own devices. The need is mutual — for them and us. Full stop. Trust some of this if not all. Currently, I’m in my bubble, trying to make sense of the mischief caused by COVID-19 as well as the meaning of life at this stage in my elderly years. Stay Safe! 😷🤞🏾🌷🐇

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