When reaction ceases – life begins

Nothing has changed.

Or rather

Everything has changed

Time and again

And again

Nothing but change


The same thing

Stories told of





Nations changing hands

Shuffled like cards

As if they meant something

These really big things


They meant nothing at all

They are just dusty biographies

Stories told

Through human eyes

Throughout history

Millions of sunrises


Human eyes watching them


So many changes

Rises and falls

Yet we

Humans we rarely do


Certainly not collectively

And rarely individually

We never change

We still hate


Are jealous



On and on…

Ad nauseam

Emotional creatures

We react


It is only when we cease to react

And begin to act instead

That things become


I wonder if this time it will

*Reading Marcus Aurelius meditations – I always reach for this book when I’m thinking my worries have some importance.

They don’t

We all live

We all die

We are all dying right now as we read

Drink coffee

Think about the day ahead

We are so similar, if not for the distinction of features, accents

We are the same

One wonders why we are so diverse at all

When we come back to the same blueprint

Under the skin

Nothing changes

Half a year in the ground

Everyone that knew us as an individual has stopped crying

(See how self important I am – let’s be more realistic – slightly cynical – but- depends – might be a day, two days – a week)

Life overtakes memory so fast

We get sucked into little sink holes in our private worlds

Time spent on such concerns as grief are short beneath the barrage of lessons being taught

The pace relentless

Perhaps those odd moments

Under the stars

We might feel our hearts reach higher

But amid the mayhem and turmoil


My memories


Life is before us

The world is full of challenges

I would like to change how I meet such things

Use this particular time to become


To act not react

To let my curiosity take me by the hand

Instead of fear

We choose which hand we slide our own into

Never forget

We choose


I choose curiosity this round

Let’s see how we go

21 thoughts on “When reaction ceases – life begins

    • Like learning to surf I guess – first its uncomfortable then it is blissful – I say this in metaphor only – I tried to learn to surf – most embarrassing half an hour of my life – smacked in the head more times with the board then I could count – gave up and went back to boogie boarding which I love. But that is why it is useful – if I had stuck at it I would be surfing which looks like pure bliss – instead I retreated to safety.

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