Birds don’t belong in houses and hearts don’t belong in glasses

The burn begins in the mind

Dries the throat

All the time


The restless feeling floats across my skin

I’m thinking

I open the door

And the bird flies in


Around and around the room

Banging into walls

Skimming the ceiling


Beak ajar

Breast heaving it pauses

To breathe

High up on the bookcase

It blinks at me


Thump thump thumping

In my mind

I see it

Of course – it isn’t really there

But it is how I used to feel


Banging into feelings

That got so much worse

I’d see it

I’d feel it

Just like that bird

Sometimes it comes to me in dreams

I wake in a sweat

Realise it’s okay

I’m not doing that again

It’s just a dream

I never have to do that again

Deep breathing

Go back to sleep

*ridding yourself of bad habits is life changing. I gave up smoking years ago and would sometimes have a dream where I was smoking again

Wake up and think “oh no!”

Realise it was a dream and go back to sleep

Drinking alcohol was another “oh thank goodness I don’t do that anymore” moment and it’s been almost three years now …

It is utterly freeing to overcome addictions and bad habits

Hearts should belong to ourselves

And nothing else

We can extend the love in them to other people

But all that beautiful wildness should belong

To just ourselves

And not have strings attached and jerked about by something out of our control

Hope everyone is taking care and remaining well

5 thoughts on “Birds don’t belong in houses and hearts don’t belong in glasses

  1. Such a perfect analogy. I bang around and bump into emotions and can feel so trapped in my own body. I took 3 walks yesterday just to have a feeling of direction and to stop pacing in my mind and across the deck wearing a path. I feel like a wind up toy at times bumping into the wall going nowhere. Going outdoors breaks the insanity.
    Taking gabapentin for sleep has almost completely eliminated waking up startled multiple times a night. I’ve had insomnia for so long it feels abnormal to actually sleep through the night.

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