Closed doors – closed for a reason – open a window and breathe in the new season

The downside is small

The upside huge

Why focus on closed doors?

We are all shifting

The ones that didn’t want to are being lifted into place

God tired of waiting

For the human race

To rise

To their full potential

Money was a wall

That we couldn’t see over

God made us see how small

Was our field of focus

We could be so much more

I hope we are becoming

I hope we all make it

I’ll turn back and help you clear it

That wall

That wall is falling down anyway

Why it was there at all

Is now the topic of conversation

*who made our lives about money

The gathering

The worrying

The not enough

The constant spending

Like breathing

In and out

We will never have enough

Until we stop

And realise

Life was never about money

I’m enjoying this period so much and I’m sorry if I tread on toes by saying so – I do not mean to make light of the crisis, however some of us are able to move through it with less fragility then others – for that I know I am blessed – so far

I have not lost anyone

My family is healthy

We will all be fine

I’m sure

Our jobs are shifting

I’ve ceased to worry about money

I’m planting my garden

Cooking yummy things

Running and working out at home

The phone is further from my hands then ever

My dogs follow me like shadows

And everything I touch seems to be growing and curling into my hands


Life is so magical when we stop and watch it

Mind you my hormones maybe supporting me for once and I feel vaguely euphoric from all the time spent outside lately

Yesterday my husband cleaned out his shed properly for the first time in ages

We opened up the pool table

Played pool (me poorly – he demonically – he had a misspent youth)

Ordered takeaway from a local restaurant that has adapted to takeaway only

Watched a bit of telly and went to bed

This morning is full of things to do

Things we had never had time to – always chasing – we have stopped chasing. Time feels longer and stretchier – more abundant.

Tonight is fire pit under the stars and cooking outside, toes in the grass.

This to me – is real life.

I wish this for everyone.

I know there are people who will not adapt, who will sit sadly staring at closed doors – please don’t let that be you.

Please rise – let me know by email (if you like) what “walls” you face if this is you. My brain loves a problem to solve. I will try and help.


19 thoughts on “Closed doors – closed for a reason – open a window and breathe in the new season

    • Thankyou Usfman. I think the things that frustrate us will enliven the feelings of deep gratitude when we can once again go about our normal lives. The gratitude for simple pleasures that we formerly took for granted will add such lustre to our experience going forward.

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  1. You’re not stepping on my toes, I feel the same way. Minus the hormones 😁. This past week we had our “normal” weather sunny and in the 60s. This evening storms rolled in after being dry all week. We planted a few herbs today. Hoping tomorrow will be nice, soft earth to plant some flower seeds. I love hummingbirds so I’m planting some for them and pollinators. If I wasn’t allergic to bees I would have loved to start a hive. By the way please call me Ell. We indeed are fortunate to live in the countryside. Take care, be safe to how might read this comment, 🤗❤️🌎✌🏻

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    • Hi Lynn – my husband is currently snoring on the couch on the most perfect day, so good to see him relaxed for a change – I’m glad you are enjoying life and yes rhythms are so important and we lose them when we go running around and not listening to their slow steady beat.

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  2. This was a great way to begin the morning 🙂 Thank you for the reminders. I’m almost to the finish line of wonky hormones this month and my thread feels frayed. I feel like the “forgotten doll in the attic” looks. You know the one with the sporadic bald spots on her head and the stunned look on her face. Just a few more days and the switch will be flipped. In the meantime I’m giving myself lots of time outs from all the “togetherness” in the house. We may have the girls until April 10th………..Just a few more days and the hormonal black cloud will lift……I’m happy you and the hubster are enjoying the stretchy days, sounds lovely!


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